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Hearthstone player Casper “Hunterace” Notto has won the HCT World Championship.

In the grand finals of the tournament that took place on April 28, he faced off against Torben “Viper” Wahl. The match won Hunterace $250,000, as well as a spot in the HCT World Champions hall of fame with players like Firebat, Ostkaka, Pavel, and Tom60229.

In the first game during the grand finals, it was a matchup between Hunterace’s Rogue deck against Viper’s Warlock one. With one hit point left, Hunterace played Hench-Clan Burglar and discovered Explosive Trap. After the Hunter secret went off, Viper used Life Tap in search of damage, however was unable to find it.

The next game saw both players playing Mage decks, with Viper winning the match after Hunterace played Kalecgos and was unable to discover a spell to save him. In the next match, Hunterace played Mage again, while Viper went for his Hunter deck. Hunterace was able to win it with Alexstrasza, and Viper, who drew Springpaw, wasn’t able to dish out enough damage against his opponent.

Game four involved Hunterace using Shaman and Viper with Hunter again. Even at 10 mana and after becoming Hagatha, the former wasn’t able to find a solution to survive using the Bewitch Hero Power.

In the final game, Hunterace used Shaman again, while Viper played his Warlock deck. Hunterace won the game and championship by playing Hagatha and clearing Viper’s board with Wild Pyromancer and Totemic Might.

“It’s pretty unbelievable. The last game was super tense. It’s been such a long journey to get here,” the victorious player said. “Winning the tournament is so big for me. It means so much. I’m incredibly grateful.”

Following Viper in second place were Raphael “BunnyHoppor” Peltzer and Guan “Jing” Zhendong.

While the HCT World Championship has come to an end, Hearthstone fans can get excited about the upcoming Hearthstone Grandmasters, which is scheduled to debut on May 17.

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