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The next League of Legends Clash is here. The Piltover Cup is being played July 20 and 21. If you want to win more games in this competitive mode with special in-game prizes, we’ve got some general clash tips here that might help you take your game one step further. Specifically, what you have here is a short selection of general advice for playing as a team. Beyond the intricacies of each champion, matchup, and role – these five tips will help you make the most of whatever skill levels and play styles you have available in your group.

Clash tip #1: Know your team.

Before you even ready up for Clash, you want to know what champions your team can (or wants) to play. Is your team all bronzies and silvers, but you’ve got a platinum mid laner? Play around that. Ask them to play a CC heavy or strong early-game champ – or take that in the jungle and camp mid. That way they can get rolling quickly, allowing their skill to shine.

Does your ADC have 150,000 mastery points on Kog Maw or Jinx? Consider playing supportive champions that can peel for their massive late-game damage, such as Soraka, Lulu, Karma, Sejuani or Ivern.

The best way to do this is to ask everyone to list out five champs they can play and then draft a few team compositions that fit your strengths. Just don’t put all your hopes on any one plan, as the enemy may well ban it out.

Clash tip #2: Know your bans.

As well as listing your preferred champs, you’ll want to use the scouting tool to research your opponent too. Make sure you keep a written list, in a notepad document or on paper. This can help you avoid that panicky moment when the timer is clicking down, but you don’t know what to choose. However, there’s no definitive guide to what to ban as it depends on your opponents and the meta.

One option is to list five champs the opponents like to play and then keep two meta bans in reserve. You need a couple of extra options because your opponent might ban one of your bans, or one might get taken in their first round of their picks.

Clash tip #3: Know the map.

One of the simplest things that makes a difference in any League of Legends game, and especially with coordinated teams like in Clash, is warding. Make sure to periodically remind everyone in your team to buy control wards, if no one is doing so.

You should also plan your warding around objectives. Dragon coming up in 30 seconds? Send two or three people, or even all five you, into the bot-side river to sweep out enemy wards and replace them with your own.

Cleared a bush ward and Dragon spawned? You might be surprised how easy it is to just wait in a bush for an enemy to face-check it.

Clash tip #4: Communicate regularly.

In a similar way to warding, you’ll be amazed how even a little communication can create an advantage over teams that don’t. The key things to call out are Dragons, Rift Heralds, Barons, and enemy roams or ganks. However, pinging in the chat and calling out when your opponent uses flash or their ultimate can also be very useful – especially to your jungler.

If you’ve got a strong early-game composition, ask your team to come and fight with you at the first Dragon. Or you might have a late game-focused team, with a Jinx and a Ryze for example. In this case, remind your team not to fight in the early game unless it’s a guaranteed win.

Remember not to be overbearing or get too stressed in the comms though. They know you want to win, but remaining calm and level-headed is the best way you can help snatch victory from a potential defeat

Clash tip #5 : Have a basic understanding of the meta.

We won’t get too into this one, as its a complex subject that is covered in detail elsewhere. However, having at least a surface understanding of the top meta picks is extremely useful for the Clash pick and ban phase.

Some common strong picks in this League of Legends patch 10.12 meta include Sett, Darius, Olaf, Diana and Ekko – although there are obviously many more. Don’t be a meta slave though. If your top laner can’t play Sett or Darius and they’re both open, then they shouldn’t take it.

At lower levels especially, it’s better that everyone on your team is comfortable on their champion rather than selecting all strong meta picks.

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