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VALORANT Champions Tour NA announced the schedule for the Stage 3 Challengers main event.

VCT Stage 3 Challengers follows an intense open qualifier that took place from July 1-4. Out of 128 teams, only eight have moved on to the closed qualifier main event. This event will determine which four teams qualify for the Challengers playoffs that take place at the beginning of August, 2021. The remaining four teams will move on to the Challengers 2 main event and avoid playing through the open qualifier a second time.

Not only will the main event determine who makes it to Challengers playoffs, but it will also put four teams one step closer to Masters 3: Berlin. Masters 3 will be the last Masters event before Champions that takes place in December, 2021. Whichever team can make it further at each event will put themselves close to obtaining a place at the second international event.

How to watch VCT Stage 3 NA Challengers main event

The main event for VCT Stage 3 Challengers will take place from Thursday, July 8-11. Matches start at 3 pm EST with Version1 versus 100 Thieves and Envy versus Kansas City Pioneers. These matches will be streamed by Nerd Street Gamers and VALORANT on Twitch.

Nerd Street Gamers are the hosts for the VCT Stage 3 qualifiers and recently announced multiple streams for the event. You can catch the main game, which has yet to be announced, on either VALORANT’s Twitch channel or Nerd Street Gamers’ main channel. For the other game, starting at 3 p.m. EST, it will be broadcast on Nerd Street Gamers second channel (nerdstreet2). If fans favor YouTube over Twitch, they can catch the main games on VALORANT’s esports channel. On YouTube, both games will be streamed on the same channel unlike on Twitch which splits it between two channels.