How to unlock the TAQ Eradicator in MW3
How to unlock the TAQ Eradicator in MW3
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How to unlock the TAQ Eradicator in MW3

A new LMG enters the fray

Season 1 of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 launches in just one week, but Activision has decided to release a brand new weapon before that happens. The TAQ Eradicator was released today in MW3, and you can only unlock it through one specific method.

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The TAQ Eradicator is a light machine gun that was seemingly supposed to be included at launch in MW3, as there were screenshots of it from official sources before the game launched. It was even available in the Gun Game playlist for players to use. However, for whatever reason, the LMG was not able to be unlocked until today.

To see what you need to do to unlock the TAQ Eradicator in MW3, check out the guide below.

Unlocking the TAQ Eradicator in MW3

Screenshot via Upcomer

Currently, there is only one way to unlock the TAQ Eradicator, and it’s through the Weekly Challenges system in MW3. If you go to the Weekly Challenges tab and view the “Week 4” section, you will see the TAQ Eradicator is the reward for completing this week’s set.

To unlock the LMG, you need to complete five of the Weekly Challenges in Week 4. You can complete five challenges across both multiplayer and Zombies, meaning you have a total of 14 challenges to go for (7 for each game mode). For example, you can complete three multiplayer Weekly Challenges and two Zombies Weekly Challenges and still unlock the TAQ Eradicator. You also need to complete five challenges to unlock the Golden River camo, which you can read about in my previous guide.

Once five Week 4 Weekly Challenges are finished, the TAQ Eradicator is able to be equipped on any loadout from the LMG section of the Gunsmith in MW3.

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