How to unlock the Golden River camo in MW3
How to unlock the Golden River camo in MW3
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How to unlock the Golden River camo in MW3

Start completing your challenges

There are over 1,000 camos available to earn in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, but not all of them can be earned through the weapon camo system. Some of the camos in MW3 need to be acquired through either completing events or challenges, which is how the Golden River camo is unlocked.

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The Golden River camo can actually be viewed in-game right now by navigating to the Challenges menu in MW3. However, at the time of writing, you are not able to earn the camo regardless of what you do. To unlock the camo, you need to complete several specific challenges. Then, the camo can be used on any weapon in MW3.

To see what you need to do to unlock the Golden River camo in MW3, check out the guide below.

Unlocking the Golden River camo in MW3

The Golden River camo is only unlocked through completing Weekly Challenges in multiplayer or Zombies. Each game mode has a totally different set of Weekly Challenges and you can see both sets by going to the Challenges menu and swapping between the two modes’ tabs.

To unlock Golden River, you need to complete five separate Weekly Challenges across four weeks. Every week has seven different Weekly Challenges available to earn (14 total if you count both multiplayer and Zombies). Completing five of those Weekly Challenges every week finishes that week, and you need to repeat this process four times to unlock the Golden River camo.

There is a certain caveat to this system, though. As I previously stated, there are seven different Weekly Challenges each week for both multiplayer and Zombies, making for 14 total challenges. You are actually able to complete any of these 14 challenges and it will count towards the five you need to finish the week’s set.

As an example, in the screenshot below, you can see I have only four Weekly Challenges completed for the multiplayer section. However, I completed the week three Weekly Challenge set because I did one Zombies Weekly Challenge, which makes for five completed challenges.

Image via Activision

Essentially, you need to complete five Weekly Challenges across multiplayer and Zombies and do this all four weeks to unlock the Golden River camo, which will be available to unlock when the week four Weekly Challenges go live in MW3.

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