How to unlock the DG-56 in MW3
How to unlock the DG-56 in MW3
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How to unlock the DG-56 in MW3

A powerful burst weapon that can be unlocked a couple of ways

The DG-56 has quickly become one of the best weapons in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer. The three-round burst assault rifle can do major damage to enemies at any range and it’s quite impressive in all facets of the game. However, the DG-56 won’t be unlocked for some players in MW3, even if they reach the max level of 55.

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This is because the DG-56 is a part of the Armory Unlock Challenges system, which requires you to complete challenges to unlock certain content in multiplayer. I went over the Armory Unlock Challenges more in-depth in a recent guide, but that is the primary way of unlocking the DG-56. Although, there are a couple of other methods you can use to wield this powerful assault rifle in MW3.

Check out the guide below for the three ways you can unlock the DG-56 in MW3.

Unlocking the DG-56 in MW3

A majority of players will unlock the DG-56 through the Armory Unlock Challenges system, which calls for you to complete three Daily Challenges/Bonus Challenges. However, that’s not the only way to unlock the AR, as there are two other ways you might prefer over completing challenges.

Here are the other two unlock methods for the DG-56 in MW3:

  • Successfully exfil from a Zombies match with the DG-58 equipped on your character.
    • You can find the DG-58 by killing Zombies, enemy AI, the Mystery Box, Wall Buys, and other loot sources in Zombies. Once you find it, loot the weapon, head to an exfil point, and successfully leave the match. If you manage to do that, the DG-58 will automatically unlock for you in MW3 multiplayer.
  • Complete the entire MW3 Campaign.
    • If you finish all 15 missions in the MW3 Campaign, you will unlock the Brogue weapon blueprint for the DG-58 in multiplayer. This gives you immediate access to the weapon and you can start leveling it up from there. The base weapon will still be locked, however.
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So there you have it, the three different ways to unlock the DG-56 assault rifle in MW3 multiplayer. I personally recommend going with the Zombies route, as it’s the easiest and doesn’t require you to go through the Armory Unlock Challenge system.

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