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One of the most iconic killstreaks in Call of Duty history is the Swarm from Black Ops 2, and it’s finally returning in the Season 1 update of MW3. This marks the first time the Swarm has been brought back since it was originally introduced in Black Ops 2.

If you’re unaware of this particular killstreak, the Swarm unleashes a massive number of Mosquito Drones into the air at the same time. These drones then dive-bomb enemies all across the map for upwards of a minute straight, causing mass casualties more often than not. It remains to be seen how strong the Swarm will be in MW3, but you can find out for yourself by unlocking the streak in Season 1.

Unlocking the Swarm in MW3

Unlike the three new weapons being introduced in the Season 1 update, the Swarm is not unlockable through the pass. Instead, it is unlocked by completing an Armory Unlock Challenge. The Armory Challenges are unlocked once you hit level 25 and can be accessed via the Challenges tab in MW3.

In the Challenges tab, find the Armory Unlocks section to see all of the available items you can unlock. You can view the Swarm’s Armory Challenge by going to the Killstreaks tab. Once you do that, make sure to activate the Armory Challenge for the Swarm. This allows you to start progressing the challenge. You can earn progress towards an Armory Challenge by winning matches in MW3 or completing Daily Challenges.

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After you finish the Armory Challenge for the Swarm, you can head to your killstreaks menu in the Weapons tab in MW3 and set the Swarm as an active streak. The Swarm is a 15 killstreak/1,875 scorestreak, so it might take you a while to earn during a match, but it should be worth the effort once you see your Mosquito Drones decimating an enemy team.