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Over the course of the first couple of weeks for Call of Duty: Vanguard, there’s been one constant annoyance for all players: the sun. On maps like Gavutu, the sun turns into a menace and can blind players from seeing an enemy directly in front of them. After some tinkering with the settings, one community member has discovered one such method.

The only problem with this method is that it only works for the PC version of Vanguard. Console players, as of right now, have no set way to turn down the sun’s brightness due to the limited graphical settings they have access to.

Turning down the sun in Vanguard

This method for countering the sun, which was discovered by @KIRNEILL on Twitter, actually doesn’t require any tinkering of in-game settings. Instead, it involves going into the actual files of Vanguard and changing some values for particle lighting.

KIRNEILL explains the method step-by-step in a recent tweet.

  • Open up File Explorer
  • Find the Documents folder
  • Go to COD Vanguard/playersBeta/adv_options.ini
  • Find the Set PixelPerLightmapTexel line and set it to = “1” // 1 to 256
  • Find the Set ParticleLighting line and set it to = “0” // 0 to 5
  • Make sure “Read Only” is unchecked/disable it
  • Hit Save

In turn, this will reduce the sun to an unforeseen star in the Vanguard sky. It’s noticeable on the map Gavutu, which can blind players for several seconds if they look at the sun directly. However, with this method in place, that shouldn’t be an issue any further.

Although, KIRNEILL suggests players disable Cache Shadows and Sun Shadows in the graphics quality settings menu of Vanguard if the sun is still too bright. All of this combined should see the sun disappear in the Vanguard beta. Players will likely have to redo these steps when the full game releases on Nov. 5.