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Players can do much more to improve their skills in Call of Duty: Warzone Season 5 than ever before. While factors like using the best loadouts and increasing aiming stability are certainly important aspects of any Warzone player’s game, there are other equally vital mechanics. Among these is the slide cancel, which is easily the most talked about movement technique in the game.

Slide canceling has been around Call of Duty for some time, making its way into Warzone thanks to the Modern Warfare engine. Players who could slide cancel in Modern Warfare, or a previous title, can do so in Warzone as well — as the mechanic involves the same process.

Slide canceling in Warzone Season 5

The slide cancel is essentially a way for players to move faster and more efficiently on the map. The process to slide cancel is the same for keyboard and controller. Of course, different buttons need to be pressed for each input device. But the process itself is the same, so players can apply it no matter what they’re using.

First, players must find out what their crouch keybind is. For keyboard users, this defaults to “C” but players can change it to “Left Control” or whatever else they’re more comfortable with. Controller players can do the same but they have limited options when it comes to changing the keybind. Using the “Tactical” button layout is recommended, though.

How to slide cancel in Warzone
Slide canceling is an important technique in any modern Call of Duty. | Provided by Activision

Once players have their crouch keybind set, they can enter a private match. After they’re on the ground, players should start moving and double-press their sprint button to enter a Tactical Sprint. During the sprint, players must hold the crouch keybind to enter a slide then quickly tap the keybind again. This cancels out the slide and the momentum from the Tactical Sprint allows players to keep moving fast.

Repeating the slide cancel across the map results in players moving faster. It also makes them harder to hit, as compared to simply sprinting across a field. Mastering the slide cancel is just one way for a player to up their game in Warzone, but it’s an important mechanic nonetheless.

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