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The 2022 season update for League of Legends brought players a ton of new changes not only to Summoners Rift but to the rewards and progression players can get from the game itself.

Season 12 introduced the challenges mechanic which let players show off their skill in things not directly tied to their solo queue rank with things like individual champion mastery, skin collections and more. And while these challenges have ranks that are similar to solo queue rank, they also allow players to express themselves through the new Token system which lets players show others what they truly specialize in.

Here is a quick guide on how to add and remove Tokens in League of Legends.

What are Tokens

Tokens in League of Legends are essentially sub-titles players can put on display on their profile in-client and they also appear in the loading screen when a player queues up for a game and in lobbies. Players can have three Tokens equipped at a time and there are hundreds of possible Tokens to display. Players can see all the Tokens they are progressing towards and own in the Tokens tab when they click on their Profile tab which is on the top center part of the client.

But players cannot equip or take off Tokens from this menu, they will have to go to a separate menu that seems obvious as it’s hiding in plain sight but could be confusing without exact knowledge.

To remove and add Tokens to your profile, players will have to literally click their Profile picture which is located on the top right of the client. From here, players can customize their profile from things like icons to borders to, of course, Tokens. From here, simply click on the Tokens tab to bring up all the equipable Tokens that a player has and simply choose the three you want to display. Players can organize their Tokens in different ways including tier, rarity and time spent to earn.