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Valorant has released its own form of a battle pass to coincide with the worldwide launch. Titled “Ignition: Act 1,” it appears that each season of Valorant will have different acts throughout the year. The pass offers a variety of paid and free cosmetics depending on what path fits you best.

To purchase the battle pass, you have to click on the circle with the star in the middle of it on the home page. Once you hover your mouse over the icon, it should give you a sneak-peak of the pass with the title above it.

Valorant battle pass

After clicking the star, you will come to the first stage of the battle pass. In the lefthand corner of the screen, you will find an option to buy the premium upgrade. You can purchase the 1000 Valorant points needed to buy the battle pass in the store. To access the store, press the Valorant “V” logo in the upper-righthand corner and choose the amount you’d like to purchase.

Valorant battle pass tiers

Unlike the usual 100-tier battle passes seen in other games, Ignition features 5 paid tiers for each of the 10 stages. The free tiers switch off every other stage, first offering two tiers, then one, and so on. In Valorant‘s battle pass, you will earn:

  • 13 weapon skins
  • 11 gun buddies
  • 3 titles
  • 13 sprays
  • 130 Radianite points
  • 12 player cards
Valorant premium rewards
Image via @PlayValorant

The free version grants you:

  • 3 player cards
  • 1 weapon skin
  • 3 titles
  • 2 sprays
  • 30 Radianite points
  • 3 gun buddies
Valorant free rewards
Image via @PlayValorant

Radianite points are used to evolve certain weapon skins and other content types in-game. For example, some weapon skins can have different colors or finishes that are achieved by using Radianite points. Valorant‘s “Prime Collection” weapon skin bundle is an example of how you can customize the pack using Radianite points. You can obtain these points through the battle pass in every act or purchase them directly.

If you’re looking for a more in-depth battle pass guide, make sure to check out Valorant‘s website.

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