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It’s the first of Nov. and that means one thing to a Call of Duty fan: Vanguard is only a few days away. Thanks to last week’s content dump from Activision and Sledgehammer Games, fans are beginning to grow more excited for the game. While most fans won’t be able to play Vanguard early, they can pre-download it on PC and consoles. Of course, this is provided they’ve met a couple of prerequisites first.

Pre-downloading Vanguard on PlayStation and Xbox

Luckily, for fans who play on PlayStation or Xbox, Vanguard is all ready to be downloaded ahead of the Nov. 5 launch. The only requirement for fans is that they have the game pre-ordered digitally on their account. This is done through accessing the PS or Xbox Store and finding Vanguard’s page. Once there, fans can pre-order the edition they want.

There’s the standard, cross-gen and ultimate edition available. Each comes with its own benefits and price but players can choose any one they want. Once this is done, players will receive an option to download Vanguard. The file size is different, depending on the platform, but players shouldn’t see any file size above 60 to 70 GB on their download screen.

All that’s left, once the download is complete, is to wait for another Day 1 update on Nov. 5. Then, fans can play Vanguard when it launches in their time zone.

Pre-downloading Vanguard on PC

For PC players, the process is roughly the same but with a different timeline. Fans can navigate to the Battle.Net application on PC; the only way to access Vanguard on the platform. In the application, fans should see the Vanguard page immediately and they can once again choose the edition they wish to pre-order.

After any edition is pre-ordered on PC, fans might have to wait for a stretch to download Vanguard. This is because the game will only become downloadable on Nov. 2. Until then, fans won’t be able to do anything with the game on PC. Once Nov. 2 rolls around, fans can go to the page and press the download button.

Just like on consoles, a Day 1 update will arrive on Nov. 4 through 5, which needs to be downloaded. Then, players can launch the game when it becomes available in their time zone.

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