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Reyna Valorant Guide

How to play Reyna, Valorant’s newest Agent

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Valorant released to the public a little over a week ago, and along with it came Reyna, the game’s eleventh Agent. Now that we’ve had a bit of time to learn more about her, we can safely say she’s a strong one. Here’s how to use her abilities to win your games.

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Reyna’s abilities

Reyna’s abilities are all about getting kills and snowballing your advantage. Here’s a look at each one.


Reyna summons an ethereal eye at a location in front of her. Enemies that look at the eye will be nearsighted until they look away or destroy it (they can destroy it by shooting it). This ability is very straightforward. Put it in a location where enemies will see it, then kill them when they are blinded by it.


Killing enemies drops Soul Orbs that Reyna can consume. She can consume one with Devour to heal over time. Devour can also overheal her. Use this ability if you need healing and feel confident that you won’t get killed using it.


Reyna also needs to consume a Soul Orb to use Dismiss. If she consumes one, she will become invincible (and invisible, if her ultimate is active). Use this ability to get around safely and quickly after getting a kill. But just like with Devour, don’t try to consume a Soul Orb if enemies are nearby.


This is Reyna’s Ultimate Ability, and it is quite strong. When Reyna uses this, she fires faster, reloads faster, equips other guns faster, and gains infinite charges of Devour and Dismiss. She will also automatically cast Devour. It is best to use this ability at the beginning of a round right before fighting. Getting kills renews the duration of the ability, and you can snowball extremely hard off getting kills while Empress is active. Like her other abilities, be sure not to activate this if enemies can see you, as there is a cast time.


Reyna should be aggressive and constantly look for kills. She needs to consume Soul Orbs to activate two of her abilities, and the more often she can use her Ultimate, the stronger she will be. If you’re the kind of player who likes to sit back and snipe or bait your teammates, Reyna probably isn’t the Agent for you.

Be sure to buy your abilities every round and use your Leer to effectively push or defend chokepoints. When getting a kill, make sure it is safe. Then, use Devour if you need to heal and Dismiss if you plan to push into enemy territory.

Reyna is a lot of fun to play if things are going well, but she can be frustrating if you’re not having a good game. Make sure you work on your Valorant mechanics, and always keep that crosshair at head height!