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Out of all the Pokémon that are available in Pokémon Unite, Wigglytuff might be the most unique. Wigglytuff is able to provide a great form of initiation – either through its Rollout or Sing abilities. Rollout specifically is worth playing the pokémon own just because of how much depth the ability has.

Wigglytuff’s role in Pokémon Unite

Wigglytuff serves as a frontline defender akin to Snorlax or Slowbro. Its main job is to initiate fights for allied pokémon while providing solid disables for its allies. Wigglytuff serves as a perfect babysitter for late game attackers that need time to evolve. Whenever a neutral objective would need to be contested, Wigglytuff can control an area, making it hard for any enemies to contest it. These neutral objectives include anything from the Vespiqueen Camp to Rotom.

Wigglytuff mainly shines in the laning phase with the move Pound. This move has high base damage and can clear Aipoms/Audinos quicker than other pokémon. In a laning scenario, Jigglypuff’s Level 4 evolution to Wigglytuff grants a faster power spike in order to contest objectives better than any other pokémon at that time.

Wigglytuff Pokemon Unite evolution
keep in mind evolution times to take advantage of power spikes. l Provided By: Touch, Tap, Play

Best Items for Wigglytuff in Pokémon. Unite

Shell Bell – remains tanky while being able to deal damage with Rollout or Doubleslap/Dazzling gleam

Assault Vest – If there is a lot of Sp.Atk on the other side, then optionally take assault vest

Energy Amplifier – Unite is used a lot as a Wigglytuff. The AOE cleanse and shield is extremely useful. Adding extra damage every time the Unite is used is extremely valuable

Float Stone – Increases movement speed allowing for Wigglytuff to roam to different lanes better

The battle item most commonly used for Wigglytuff would be Eject Button, either to get closer to enemies or to escape.

Best Build for Wigglytuff

When starting out as a Jigglypuff level 1, Pound should always be taken first. Defense Curl does no damage at level 1 and cannot help with the neutral pokémon. clear. Pound can be targeted so that it hits the 2 Aipom and eliminate them extremely quickly. The main reason for the fast clear is to either contest the Central pokémon. in either lane. In the bottom lane it is the Audino, or in the top lane, a Corphish.

Wigglytuff Pokemon Unite uses Pound
Using Pound can hit both Aipom early. l Provided By: Nintendo

At level 4, Jigglypuff evolves into Wigglytuff – and receives its first power spike. Depending on the game, you can pick either Sing or Rollout. Sing allows easy means of initiation for your team to follow up on. If there is a Zeraora Discharge, Gardevoir Psyshock or even a Snorlax Heavy Slam, Sing is a good choice. Rollout is taken as a means to follow up initiations or to control more in lane. With the correct angles, a Rollout can turn the tides of any fight and potentially catch several opponents.

Beyond the laning phase, Wigglytuff should try to have its Unite up at all times. No other ability in the game can remove debuffs in an AOE. The best example would be to get rid of the Sludge Bomb debuff from Gengar. Without the debuff on your allies, Gengar can no longer reduce the cooldown of Hex because your allies no longer have a status debuff. In terms of upgrades for Pound, Dazzling Gleam and Double Slap both work. Both moves slow and can get reset off of Rollout. Dazzling Gleam does overall more damage. By the late game, Wigglytuff will be weaker than other pokémon.. The main goal will be to start fights around objectives with Sing/Rollout, and protect your teammates with Wigglytuff’s Unite move – Star Recital.