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Riot Games has started to give away the brand new Volibear skin in celebration of his League of Legends rework. His Thousand-Pierced Bear skin is available to players for free during a specific time frame, afterward costing 975 Riot Points. This new skin giveaway is a small part of the thunderous demi-god’s recent upgrade.

Some players who have logged into their League of Legends client may have seen a notification pop up in their home screen. “You have summoned the Thousand-Pierced Bear,” reads the alert, with a small cropped picture of the skin’s splash art. The gift is from Riot, which has decided to give away the skin to those who purchased Volibear prior to patch 10.11. Additionally, the skin will be given to anyone who purchases him during patch 10.11. The giveaway began today, May 28, and will continue going until June 10. This gives just enough time for anyone to buy the champion and receive the gift.

Users who have purchased Volibear will need to exit out of their client and re-log in to receive the item. Those who already owned the champion have nothing else to do except enjoy the new skin.


Why the new Thousand-Pierced Bear Volibear skin?

Riot Games shared the story behind the Thousand-Pierced Bear skin, and it mostly has to do with what the fans demanded. The developers acknowledged they have disappointed some players in the direction Volibear’s rework has gone, as it was inaccurate to his original lore. The lore described him as an “eldritch horror.” In the story “Silence of the Damned,” it described Volibear as a “monstrous thing.”

Thus, this skin is horrifying in nature, with large purple claws and a skeletal face, so it is sure to bring fear on the Rift.

Riot Games explains this idea of creating free skins isn’t something it will do for future champion updates. So players should take advantage of the event now before it ends.

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