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How to get rare Poké Balls for your Pokémon Isle of Armor Apricorns Cram-o-matic

How to get different Poké Balls using the Cram-o-matic

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If you really want to showcase your Pokémon collection, you need to consider which Poké Ball you catch a Pokémon in. The Isle of Armor expansion for Sword and Shield offers new ways to get rare Poké Balls by using Apricorns and the Cram-o-matic. Here’s how to collect Apricorns and combine them to make Poké Balls.

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Where to find Apricorns

You can find Apricorns all over the Isle of Armor in Pokémon Sword and Shield. The easiest way to collect them is to shake the berry trees on the island. Each time you shake a tree, berries or Apricorns will fall out of it. If you shake the tree too many times, however, a Pokémon will fall out and attack you. That Pokémon will take some or all of the berries or Apricorns that fell. Be careful not to shake the tree too much, then, or you risk losing Apricorns.

You can also get Apricorns from a woman who appears randomly on the island. She will offer you Apricorns for 100 Watts. Lastly, you can get pick them up from the ground. Look for the signature sparkle on the ground that indicates a hidden item is there and grab it to see what it is.

Using Apricorns to get Poké Balls

Once you have some Apricorns, you can turn them into Poké Balls using the Cram-o-matic. The Cram-o-matic is in the Dojo and looks like a mechanical Cramorant. To use it, you give it four different items, after which it will give you an item in return. If you give it four Apricorns, it will give you a Poké Ball. According to Serebii, the Poké Ball you will receive is determined by the first Apricorn you give it.

Here are the different balls you can get:

Dive Ball Blue Apricorn
Dusk Ball Black Apricorn
Fast Ball White Apricorn
Friend Ball Green Apricorn
Great Ball Any Apricorn
Heal Ball Pink Apricorn
Heavy Ball Black Apricorn
Level Ball Red Apricorn
Love Ball Pink Apricorn
Lure Ball Blue Apricorn
Luxury Ball Black Apricorn
Moon Ball Yellow Apricorn
Nest Ball Green Apricorn
Net Ball Blue Apricorn
Poke Ball Any Apricorn
Premier Ball White Apricorn
Quick Ball Yellow Apricorn
Repeat Ball Red Apricorn
Safari Ball Black Apricorn
Sport Ball Any Apricorn
Timer Ball White Apricorn
Ultra Ball Any Apricorn

Keep in mind that you will most likely get a Poké Ball, a Great Ball, or an Ultra Ball. The other balls are rare and have low drop rates. The best way to get them is to collect as many Apricorns as possible and use the appropriate Apricorn first.