How to get a Large Rucksack in MW3 Zombies
How to get a Large Rucksack in MW3 Zombies
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How to get a Large Rucksack in MW3 Zombies

Store more loot than you know what to do with

One of the most important pieces of loot you can acquire in Call of Duty MW3 Zombies is a Large Rucksack. This item allows you to store the maximum amount of loot in a single match (nine items), making it simple to carry a number of Perks, Ammo Mods, valuable items, and other crafting materials.

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However, the process of acquiring the Large Rucksack itself is no picnic. While you can find Medium Rucksacks all across the map of Urzikstan, Large Rucksacks are a different story, as they’re considered one of the rarest items in the game. Luckily, there are a few ways to increase your odds of finding a Large Rucksack in MW3 Zombies, which I will explain in the guide below.

Finding a Large Rucksack in MW3 Zombies

Large Rucksacks hold a ton of loot. Image via Activision

First and foremost, there is only one way to guarantee yourself a Large Rucksack, but it’s quite difficult. You can acquire a Large Rucksack guaranteed if you purchase it from a Buy Station. However, you can only find the item for sale at at Buy Station in the High Threat Zone (red zone on the map). Venturing into the zone is extremely dangerous, so I only recommend going in there if you have a double Pack-A-Punched weapon, perks, and plenty of ammo and armor plates. The Large Rucksack also costs 10,000 Essence at those Buy Stations, so you need some cash in your pocket.

If you’re not ready to head into the High Threat Zone yet, there are a couple of ways to find one in the other zones on the map. The best way to go about finding them is to complete contracts and Infested Strongholds. Contracts offer Reward Rifts upon their completion, and these often have high-tier loot inside of them, which could be a Large Rucksack.

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Infested Strongholds also offer Reward Rifts as well as several Aether chests and high-tier supply crates. You can only access these chests and the rift after shooting all of the yellow cysts around the inside of the Stronghold.

Aside from those two methods, you can find a Large Rucksack randomly while looting. They’re most commonly found in mercenary crates but searching random containers could also yield the Large Rucksack, so make sure you’re checking everywhere.

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