How to fix the Travis-Rilea error in MW3
How to fix the TRAVIS-RILEA error in MW3
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How to fix the Travis-Rilea error in MW3

Get rid of the infamous error code

Many of us in the Call of Duty community have directly been impacted by someone named Travis. The Travis-Rilea error code has been running rampant in Call of Duty for over a year, and it has unfortunately returned in MW3.

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This error code most commonly appears during the sign in process when you try and open up the Call of Duty application. Before you can even enter the game, a pop-up comes out of nowhere, saying “Connection Failed. Timed out while signing into online platform. [Reason: TRAVIS-RILEA].” From here, you can either retry to sign in or quit to your system. Of course, retrying rarely yields a different result, meaning you need to find another way to get past Travis-Rilea so you can play some MW3.

Fixing the Travis-Rilea error in MW3

Image via Activision

The most common reasons you see the Travis-Rilea error code is either the game servers are overloaded or the Call of Duty services is down as a whole. It’s rarely an issue on your end, but below I will offer some fixes that you can do if you suspect the error code is coming up because of something with your equipment.

You can see all of the fixes to try below:

  • First, quit to your system’s desktop/console’s main screen. This signs you out of Call of Duty completely, which resets your attempt to connect to the servers. Then, relaunch Call of Duty and see if you can sign in. I recommend doing this a couple of times if the first attempt fails.
  • If that doesn’t work, you can try to restart your entire console or system and try to relaunch Call of Duty again.
  • If you still see Travis-Rilea popping up, check the Call of Duty Updates social media page to see if the game services are down. If they are, you know you’re not alone and you simply need to wait for the developers to fix the servers.
  • Finally, if the servers are confirmed to be working and you’ve restarted everything, then you can try to reset your internet router/modem. This involves unplugging your router/modem for around a minute and then plugging it back in.

At the time of writing, those are all of the confirmed ways that players have fixed the Travis-Rilea error code in MW3. If Activision or the community reports any further workarounds, I will update this article with that information.

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