How to find Manglers in MW3 Zombies
How to find Manglers in MW3 Zombies
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How to find Manglers in MW3 Zombies

They're attracted to one specific contract

There are several different types of Elite enemies in Call of Duty MW3 Zombies, including Disciples, Mimics, and Manglers. Manglers are possibly the least harmful of the bunch, but they can still deal a ton of damage if you’re not careful with them.

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While you might groan when you see a Mangler spawn on you, other players need to find Manglers for certain camo challenges and missions. If you fall into this crowd but are having a difficult time tracking Manglers down, then I have the perfect guide for you. Below, you can see exactly how to spawn Manglers in MW3 Zombies.

Finding Manglers in MW3 Zombies

Manglers can randomly spawn all over the map in Zombies but particularly become more common as you get into the Medium and High Threat Zones. If you want to stay in the Low Threat Zone or want a guaranteed Mangler spawn, though, you need to find and accept one specific contract in Zombies: Escort Contracts.

Escort Contracts are marked on your map as a contract and have the tank icon on them. Accepting this contract means you have to defend a large ACV (tank) and accompany it as it moves to different locations. During this time, dozens of Zombies will spawn and attack you and the ACV. In addition to the normal Zombies, a couple of Manglers will also spawn most of the time, giving you the perfect opportunity to take them out.

While not guaranteed, I have never completed an Escort Contract without seeing at least one Mangler, so this is by far the best method of finding them. However, you can also try your luck at Bounty Contracts, which require you to kill specific Elite enemies on the map, which can include Manglers. Bounty Contracts can make you kill other Elites besides Manglers, though, so I only recommend trying a bounty if you’re out of Escort Contracts or not near one on the map.

In addition to the Escorts, you can also find a large number of Manglers at any Exfil Point after the Season 1 update. They are the most common Special Zombies to find at Exfils now, so you should at least see a few of them when you call for the chopper.

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So there you have it, the best ways of finding Manglers in MW3 Zombies are going into the Medium and High Threat Zones, completing Escort and Bounty Contracts, and going to Exfil Points.

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