How to find Gold Skulls in MW2 DMZ
How to find Gold Skulls in MW2 DMZ
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How to find Gold Skulls in MW2 DMZ

Complete your golden collection

Some of the rarest items that players can find in Call of Duty DMZ are of the gold variety. More specifically, the Gold Skulls and Gold Bars are considered two of the rarest items in DMZ. They are extremely difficult to find, but are worth a fortune if players can manage to loot a couple. However, some players are required to loot the Gold Skulls and Bars if they want to complete the Tier 4 Black Mous Faction mission, Golden Rule.

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Whether you simply want Gold Skulls for your own satisfaction or need them for the Golden Rule mission in DMZ, you can find out how to locate them in the guide below.

Finding Gold Skulls in DMZ

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Like most other rare items in DMZ, Gold Skulls have no set location where they can be looted. Instead, players will have to rely on random luck through searching orange loot caches or in other storage areas, such as supply crates, cabinets, drawers, desks, etc. Players can also find Gold Skulls sitting out in the open on shelves or tables sometimes if they’re lucky enough.

The best physical locations to search for Gold Skulls is at a bank, as these buildings hold some of the rarest loot you can find on Al Mazrah. You can also search police stations, as those are often large and have tons of different storage containers. However, it will ultimately come down to how lucky players get. There’s no guarantee you will find a Gold Skull even within multiple matches of searching.

Once you find a Gold Skull, you can hold onto them to complete the Golden Rule mission. You need to 13 of the skulls to complete that mission, so it could take a solid amount of time. Of course, you can also sell or hold onto the Gold Skulls, as they are worth $12,000 in DMZ.

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