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Cyberpunk 2077 holds a number of secrets and Easter eggs for players to find throughout Night City. From the various callbacks to the Blade Runner movie franchise to little secrets scattered across the city, there are a ton of things to find and explore. However, perhaps one of the coolest crossovers CD Projekt RED threw in Cyberpunk 2077 is a cameo from a popular Twitch streamer, CohhCarnage. Ben “CohhCarnage” Cassell, like most other fans, has been waiting for this RPG to release for years. As one of the game’s bigger fans, the developers decided to design a small character around the streamer, known as “Garry the Prophet.”

Where to find Garry the Prophet in Cyberpunk 2077

While CohhCarnage’s character in the game doesn’t play a huge role, it’s still incredible to see a Twitch streamer’s likeness in a huge AAA title. Once fans found out that the streamer was receiving a cameo, many made it their mission to find him on day one of the game’s release.

However, CD Projekt RED didn’t make it very easy to find Garry the Prophet. He’s relatively yet to miss, yet he’s in a high-profile spot in the early missions of Cyberpunk 2077.

If you want to meet Garry, you can head to Chinatown in Watson or start the mission involving Vic the Ripperdoc. This mission is given to you fairly early and allows you to receive some Cyberware upgrades. Either way you choose, Garry the Prophet is found just outside the Chakara Harmonization shop, where Jackes’ girlfriend Missy works. Once you exit the shop, turn right and you’ll see Garry giving a lecture in an alley.

The lecture mainly focuses on protecting the youth from the technological advancements in 2077. As the rant goes on, you can interact with Garry and even donate to him at the end of the conversation. It’s a small cameo but nevertheless a great addition to Cyberpunk 2077.

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