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Perks are one of the strongest elements in Call of Duty: Warzone battle royale. They can singlehandedly win you a match or save your life in a variety of situations. The one problem with the perk system in Warzone is you can only have three at a time. Similar to previous Call of Duty titles, you pick three perks from three different slots on each loadout. As of right now, though, players face a difficult dilemma. Both the Overkill and Ghost perks are in the same slot, meaning you can only equip one per loadout.

At least, that’s what the game tells you. Here’s how you can use both at the same time in Warzone.

Using both Overkill and Ghost in Warzone

While there are other useful perks in the game, like Tracker or Double Time, nothing really compares to either Overkill or Ghost. The former allows you to carry two primary weapons, and the latter keeps you off the radar when an enemy UAV is called in.

Obviously, these traits come in extremely handy when playing Warzone. Without Overkill, you’d be left with a pistol as a second weapon. If you don’t have Ghost on, you’re a sitting duck for an enemy team with a UAV up.

It’s for these reasons that many players are wondering how to equip both at the same time. If you’re wondering as well, here’s how you can do it. First, you’ll need to purchase a custom loadout from a Buy Station for $6,000. This loadout must have Overkill equipped in the second perk slot.

Call of Duty Warzone perks

Next, you’ll need to scavenge for another $6,000 or find an airdropped custom loadout crate. If you choose to find the $6,000, go to another Buy Station and purchase a loadout that has Ghost equipped. Once you buy this class, your weapons from the Overkill loadout will drop to the ground. However, you can simply pick these weapons back up in place of the weapons you just purchased.

This will keep your two primary weapons, and the Ghost perk will remain active. Of course, finding $12,000 or an airdropped crate is difficult, but it’s not impossible if you’re playing Trios. In Solos, this will take some time or insanely good luck. But in the end, you’ll be armed with the two best perks in Warzone.

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