How to earn the Gun Master Medal in COD Mobile
COD Mobile Gun Master Medal
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How to earn the Gun Master Medal in COD Mobile

An enigma of a medal in COD Mobile

For Call of Duty Mobile fans, the process of earning medals is both an easy and painstakingly slow process. There are certain medals that are easy to decipher, like Double Kill or Avenger. However, there are also medals that players simply have no idea how to earn, like Gun Master. In any season of COD Mobile, there are events that pop up and require players to earn these specific medals. In Season 8, players must earn the Gun Master medal, which will take them to the battle royale mode.

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At first glance, this medal seems like it would be rewarded to players who completed a challenge for each weapon in the game. After all, that’s something that the Call of Duty franchise is famous for. However, in COD Mobile, players can earn Gold guns for their achievements with each weapon. For the Gun Master medal, players must something else entirely.

Earning the Gun Master Medal in COD Mobile

For this medal, players must head over to the battle royale mode. Any of the maps will work, including the new Blackout map. However, players should pick the map they feel most comfortable with, as they’re going to need a plethora of kills on the map.

Once players have selected their map and their class for the match, they can go about earning this specific medal. The Gun Master medal requires players to earn at least eight kills in a single COD Mobile battle royale match. Obviously, this is a huge task and will likely take players a few attempts.

The best way to earn the Gun Master Medal in COD Mobile

There’s no real set strategy for going about this. However, if I were to offer one, you can land in a location that’s populated with a few enemies; not too many or none at all. Then, you must find a weapon and meds to take down the other enemies at their drop spot. You can also choose to drop in a highly-populated area if you’re confident in your skills. Of course, this does carry a higher risk of you dying and not getting to eight total kills.

If you come out alive of your drop, you should rotate to the outer parts of the zone to pick off any enemies running to make it inside the circle. From here, you simply need to hit your shots, find some high-tier loot, and hope you can see enough enemies to kill. I suggest playing safer over playing more aggressive, as this will let you pick off enemies without them seeing you first.

After eight enemies are eliminated, players will earn the Gun Master medal.

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