How to earn rewards by watching CDL Major IV
CDL Major IV rewards
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How to earn rewards by watching CDL Major IV

A fleet of rewards are available this weekend

Call of Duty League Major IV begins Thursday, and there are rewards up for grabs for players who just tune into the action.

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These rewards are usable in both Call of Duty: Warzone and Vanguard following the player’s acquisition of them. In order to claim the rewards, players need to follow a couple of easy steps and simply watch the Major IV matches this weekend. Major IV lasts four days, so there’s plenty of time for fans to earn their free content.

Major IV takes place in Brooklyn, New York, and is the last major event of the 2022 season. Following its conclusion, the CDL will have its top eight teams in the standings compete at Champs on Aug. 4 in southern California. Champs is the final event of the season and gives the title of world champion to whichever team wins the tournament. While Major IV isn’t that prestigious, it does offer a $200,000 grand prize and gives teams a chance to make it into Champs.

Before all of that can happen, though, the Call of Duty League has announced some incentives for viewers. Below, you can see every reward and how to earn them by watching this weekend’s tournament.

CDL Major IV viewership rewards

In order to start progressing towards earning these rewards, players must link their Activision and YouTube accounts together. They can do so by following this link and logging into both of their accounts. Once that’s done, players can start watching Major IV and earn the following rewards as their watch time accumulates:

  • Collecting Fare Weapon Blueprint
  • Tactical Sprint NYC Calling Card
  • Stand Clear Calling Card
  • Let’s Go!!! Calling Card
  • Just a Scratch Calling Card
  • CDL Phantom Emblem
  • A Cup of Joe Emblem
  • Give Me Liberty Emblem

You’ll know you’ve received certain rewards by looking at your notifications on YouTube. Once you’ve earned rewards, they’ll be waiting for you the next time you log into Warzone or Vanguard.

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