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The 2021 League of Legends World Championship is reintroducing drops and viewer rewards, including emotes, icons and in-game items. In addition to watching the stream, there’s also a new way to get these rewards, now including the Pick’ems.

Free items available for fans

The League of Legends World Championship starts on Oct. 5 and stretches until the finals on Nov. 6. The four stages of play — play-ins, groups, quarterfinals and finals — all have a similar likelihood of drops. To get these drops, fans must make sure to have their Riot account connected to lolesports.com.

According to Riot Games, these drops are random but have a higher chance of happening during big moments in games. For example, when pentakills happen at worlds, there is a guaranteed drop. Other big moments that might lead to drops are a stolen objective, like Dragon or Baron Nashor, or a smaller multi-kill. But, as of right now, the pentakill is still the only guaranteed drop time within matches.

Another interesting announcement is that the Shocked Teemo skin will be the last drop during the finals. Considering the other drops in the pool, this is the biggest one and the only specific guaranteed skin in a drop.

Drops aren’t always exclusive to timing, however, as certain benchmarks in games watched also lead to in-game rewards.

League of Legends drops
Photo provided by Riot Games.

The more League of Legends matches a fan sees, the better their drops will be. Watching 25 or more games is where the best loot is available, with an Esports Capsule along with the traditional Worlds Rewards capsule.

Pick’ems introduce another way to get drops

Like previous years, pick’ems lets you compete against other worlds fans to see who guesses right. The system functions like other pick’ems, where fans choose who wins before the matches occur and they get sent up the leaderboard if they’re right. This year, one of the biggest changes is the Crystal Ball pick’em, where fans can predict the Worlds 2021 winner before play-ins even begin. Guessing it correctly gets fans a big bonus. Fans can go to pickem.lolesports.com to get started on their Crystal Ball pick. They must wait until Oct. 10 to get their group stage picks done, as well as earn some extra drops along the way.

Riot also answers plenty of questions on the specifics of drops within their blog post, from how best to get drops to which regions apply. When watching the event live, drops appear as pop-ups after they arrive, so fans should make sure to tune in and collect the in-game items. The games start at 7 a.m. EST on Oct.5, with the first play-in match between Hanwha Life Esports and LNG.