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Riot Games is aligning the latest League of Legends Clash tournament with the 2021 Mid-Season Invitational to offer Conqueror skin shards to teams that succeed. To obtain these skin shards, players place high on the leaderboard throughout the Clash events in May.

MSI was canceled last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic and is making a comeback in 2021. The tournament will take place in Reykjavik, Iceland in a competition between the top eleven teams from around the world. To celebrate the return of MSI, Riot Games will give players that perform well in Clash a random conquer permanent or skin shard.

This time Riot Games is leveling up Clash from a single weekend to a full two-weekend Cup. These will take place the weekend of May 8 and the following weekend on May 29. Players will be able to create their five-man teams starting May 3 and May 24 respectively. Players can check the Clash tab in the League of Legends client for the times that these two events take place. To celebrate previous years of MSI, Riot Games created Conqueror skins for Varus, Alistar, Karma, and Nautilus. The skins are available for purchase through the League of Legends client, however this year players will be able to get them for free based on Clash performance.

How to obtain the Conqueror skin shards through Clash

To place highly in Clash tournaments, the key is to win games throughout the weekend. There is not a set number of games players will have to win to reach the top-eight and qualify for these skins. However, each Clash tournament is broken up in ladders so that different skill disparities do not play against one another. Players can win Clash games throughout the weekend to score these shards, the more games a player wins the bigger the payoff they will receive.