How to download the Modern Warfare 3 beta on PS5
How to download the Modern Warfare 3 beta on PS5
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How to download the Modern Warfare 3 beta on PS5

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The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is arriving on PS4 and PS5 first, starting on Friday, Oct. 6. To be one of the first players to access the beta, you need to have a beta code redeemed through either pre-ordering any edition of the game or through another method. Of course, having a beta code is only half the battle; in order to ensure you’re ready for the Modern Warfare 3 beta, you need to also have the file for it downloaded on PS5.

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The MW3 beta will run through the COD HQ app on PlayStation. This means there will be no separate application for the beta like in previous years. While this is good for simplicity’s sake, it’s not great for players who don’t currently have COD HQ downloaded on PlayStation. If you don’t have that application downloaded, then you will not be able to access the beta, regardless of whether you have a code or not.

To see exactly how to download the Modern Warfare 3 beta on PS5, check out the guide below.

Downloading the Modern Warfare 3 beta on PS5

First off, you want to ensure that you have either pre-ordered MW3 digitally or received a code from your retailer after pre-ordering. If you got a beta code through another method, then make sure you have that code accessible. Once you have your code, redeem it through and ensure you are using the right account. Then, once that’s redeemed, you will receive a 12-digit code to redeem on the PlayStation Store.

The next step is only for players who don’t currently have COD HQ downloaded on their PlayStation. The COD HQ application can easily be downloaded if you bought Modern Warfare 2 this year, as you can simply redownload the game from your console. However, if you didn’t buy MW2, then you can simply download the free-to-play Warzone application from the PlayStation Store.

This download will grant you access to the COD HQ app and you can successfully access the beta from there once the beta files are finished downloading. You can find the beta files via the PlayStation Store.

If you don’t have a beta code but you’re planning on playing on PS5, then you simply have to wait until Sunday, Oct. 8. On this date, the beta becomes free to access for any player on PlayStation, regardless of if they have a code or not. If you’re waiting for this date, you can simply download the free MW3 beta application from the PlayStation Store and join the rest of the player base.

Once again, though, you need to make sure COD HQ is downloaded as well to access the Modern Warfare 3 beta.

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