How to destroy enemy equipment for camo challenges in MW3
How to destroy enemy equipment for camo challenges in MW3
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How to destroy enemy equipment for camo challenges in MW3

An obstacle on the way to Interstellar

The road to the Interstellar camo in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer is lined with difficult challenges. However, perhaps the most difficult challenge is one for the RGL-80 launcher. It requires you to destroy enemy equipment laid by the enemy team in MW3.

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While this sounds simple in theory, it can be extremely frustrating and sometimes impossible to do in multiplayer. The challenge completely relies on the enemy team to use a specific set of equipment, so if they’re not using those items, then you physically can’t earn progress toward the RGL-80 camo challenge in MW3.

In this guide, I’ll go over the best ways to destroy enemy equipment in MW3 and what you can do to persuade enemies to use certain pieces of equipment.

Destroying enemy equipment in MW3

For starters, let’s go over the equipment that you can destroy for this challenge:

  • Proximity Mine
  • Claymore

That’s the entire list. Any other piece of equipment will not count toward the completion of this challenge for the RGL-80. As such, if an enemy team is not using either the Proximity Mine or Claymores, then you won’t be able to earn any progress during that specific match. However, there is a possible way around that.

In my experience, the best way to get enemies to use either Claymores or Proximity Mines is to ask them politely in the match chat. You can access the match chat by going to the menu during a match and scrolling over to the headphones icon tab. Here, go to the “Match” tab and you will be able to type messages to the enemy team. What I did for this challenge was simply ask the enemy team to “Please use Claymores or Mines.” More often than not, there was at least one enemy who was willing to help and even told me where I could find the Claymores or Mines they put down.

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The best game mode to try for this is the War mode in MW3. For whatever reason, I found enemies in War were far more willing to help and put down equipment for me to destroy. If you don’t want to play War, though, I suggest hopping into Rustment 24/7, as these smaller maps mean you don’t have to travel as far to find enemy equipment (if enemies are using Claymores or Mines).

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