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Season 5 is the final installment in the Vanguard life cycle of Call of Duty: Warzone. As a result, Activision is emptying the bag in terms of delivering content to fans. There have been several high-profile content bundles released in the store this season; that’s on top of all of the items on the Season 5 Battle Pass. However, the content has not stopped since then, with a new Combat Pack just releasing in both Warzone and Vanguard. Unfortunately, the Combat Pack is only claimable by a certain group of players.

As part of Sony and Activision’s exclusivity deal when it comes to Call of Duty, the Combat Packs are only available to PlayStation Plus players. It should be noted that these Combat Packs are separate from the Prime Gaming Packs that often become available; the Prime Gaming Packs are available to anyone with an Amazon Prime account. Those packs traditionally feature fewer items than the Combat Packs, though.

That same trend has continued with the Season 5 Combat Pack. The new pack, named “Coastal Villa,” features nine items for PlayStation Plus players to claim. Those items are listed below, and players can see the rewards before purchasing in a video from PlayStation’s YouTube channel.

  • Legendary Operator Skin for Constanze Muller
  • Sky Legend Legendary Watch
  • Legendary 3-Line Rifle Sniper Rifle Weapon Blueprint
  • German Tourism Epic Sticker
  • Legendary Double Barrel Shotgun Weapon Blueprint
  • Rustic Model Epic Emblem
  • Keeping Watch Epic Calling Card
  • Sky Blue Jalopy Epic Weapon Charm
  • 60-minute 2XP Token

All of this content becomes immediately available to PlayStation Plus players who claim the pack. To do so, either head into the PS Store, or go to this link, or visit the in-game store in Warzone and Vanguard while on a PlayStation console. There, press claim to add the rewards to your Call of Duty account.

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