How to change your Calling Card and Emblem in MW3 and Warzone
How to change your Calling Card and Emblem in MW3 and Warzone
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How to change your Calling Card and Emblem in MW3 and Warzone

Customize your profile to the fullest extent

The UI in Call of Duty MW3 and Warzone isn’t the easiest thing to navigate, and it can be extremely frustrating to try and do something as simple as changing your Calling Card or Emblem.

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By default in MW3 or Warzone, you are given a Calling Card and Emblem, but the game doesn’t explain how you can go about changing either one. There are technically two different ways to change both of them, but you really only need to know one, which involves going through a few menus. To see exactly how to customize your profile in MW3 and Warzone, check out the guide below.

Changing your Calling Card and Emblem in MW3 and Warzone

For starters, you want to be at the main lobby screen in either MW3 multiplayer or Warzone. You can also do this from the lobby screen in Zombies as well. In the lobby, look at the top of the screen to find a list of tabs, which are labeled “Play, Weapons, Operators, Battle Pass, Event, Customize, Store” in MW3 and Warzone.

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You need to select the Customize tab from this list, which brings you to a new menu. Here, you will see seven different boxes at the bottom of the screen, including two boxes labeled “Calling Card” and “Emblem.” By clicking on either one of these boxes, you are brought to a new menu where you can see all of your available Calling Cards and Emblems. You can also see all of the locked cosmetics you don’t have access to.

From here, you can pick any available Calling Card or Emblem you want to equip on your profile. To equip it, just click on the one you want and press “Equip to Operator.” You can also choose to equip Calling Cards for your Showcase as well. With that done, back out of the menu and your new cosmetics will be equipped on your profile.

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Anytime you want to select a new Calling Card or Emblem, simply repeat that same process. It should also be noted that you can sort your Calling Cards or Emblem by the date you received them, whether they’re unlocked or not, etc. This makes it easier to find the specific one you’re looking for.

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