How to change the color of your clan tag and name in Modern Warfare 2
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 change color of name and clan tag
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How to change the color of your clan tag and name in Modern Warfare 2

Add a splash of color to your calling card

Call of Duty features some tricks of the trade that only veterans of the series know about. One of these tricks is the ability to change the color of your name and clan tag in multiplayer. In most of the previous games, there’s been a way to change the color from the standard white/gray to any color on the rainbow. Luckily for fans, a color change option also exists in Modern Warfare 2, and there’s an extremely easy way to go about doing it.

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Unfortunately for fans, these color changes are only reflected on the player’s screen and on someone else’s friends list. The new color will not appear in an actual game or the pre-game lobby. Although, we have seen some clan tags be a different color in the pre-game lobby, so there appears to be some inconsistency with that rule. Either way, if players want to stand out to their friends or perhaps to other players in a match, they can change the color of their name and clan tag in one easy step.

Change the name and clan tag color in Modern Warfare 2

First, players need to go to Modern Warfare 2’s in-game launcher, which is accessible by hitting “Options” on controller and clicking the icons in the top right of the screen on PC. From here, scroll over until you’re on your emblem’s icon, at which point you’ll have the option to edit your clan tag. Click that option to edit your clan tag.

For this next step, you will need a keyboard. So if you’re on console, plug one in via the USB slots on your console. PC users shouldn’t have anything to worry about. Once you’re on the edit clan tag screen, you can insert the upwards arrow key (^) and then select the following numbers to change the color of your name and clan tag. The numbers represent a different color, all of which are laid out below.

  • ^0: Black
  • ^1: Red
  • ^2: Green
  • ^3: Yellow
  • ^4: Blue
  • ^5: Light Blue
  • ^6: Pink
  • ^7: White
  • ^8: Navy Blue
  • ^9: Maroon
We changed the color of our name to light blue. | Provided by Activision

Once you’ve typed in the arrow key and a number, type in the rest of your clan tag. Note that you only have five spaces in the clan tag editor, so your clan tag can’t be more than three characters long if you’re going to change its color.

After you’re done, exit out of the clan tag editor and then you will be able to view your newly-colored name in Modern Warfare 2.

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