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Changing your role in League of Legends every once in a while is good for being a more versatile player, especially for roles that help others like Jungle and Support. For pro players, it might be more advisable to master your lane instead of becoming a jack-of-all-trades. But even professional players consider role changes from time to time. Even if you don’t want to change your role completely, it is still helpful to know the basics of the other roles in the game.

If you want to try another role with the champions of your role, the champions you’re accustomed with, we present you with the sacred table of role changes. Seek it in all its glory.

role change table
We present you with the sacred table of role changes. | Provided by Riot Games

From Top to:

  • Jungle – Poppy: You don’t want to die against one person but especially not by the whole enemy team, right? Now you can slot Poppy as your pocket pick in Jungle when the enemy team has a lot of dashes and you want to play jungle.
  • Mid – Irelia: As one of the most notorious versatile champions out there, Irelia will provide you with everything you need to exercise your mastery in mid lane, just as you did it in top lane. Sometimes, it’s even better to be closer to the bottom lane to roam and +2 your score, especially after the Teleport changes.
  • Bot – Akshan: Let’s be honest: if you like ranged top laners for the range advantage, you’re not going to like laning against another ADC. Maybe you seek absolution from your sins; Akshan can help you with that.
  • Support – Sett: For a functional utility support, Sett deals a ton of damage while remaining a tank. You can give it a try even if you don’t want to change your role and see how fun the champion is in the 2v2 lane.

From Jungle to:

  • Top – Trundle: The troll king mainly functions the same way after the lane phase. The only difference is that you can focus your wackadoodle Trundle shenanigans on one person, preferably a tank to steal a lot of stats from with Subjugate.
  • Mid – Qiyana: Aside from not being able to access your stun in the middle of the lane (you can still easily leave the lane for a moment and come back), Qiyana is a good start if you want to transition from playing assassins in the jungle to playing assassins in a lane.
  • Bot – Karthus: This is a hard transition. Both roles provide very different things to the team during different stages of the game, so you can’t find many champions that can function as a bot laner and a jungler. Karthus is an option if you want to safely farm and then blow your opponents up as an APC.
  • Support – Shaco: This is right in your wheelhouse as a Shaco player. You can scar the enemy support that’s facing a Shaco support for the first time to gain the satisfaction of Jungle Shaco and learn the intricacies of supporting at the same time.

From Mid to:

  • Top – Viktor: Yep, it’s Viktor. Do try him top lane. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t play it as well as pros do; you have to get used to the lane.
  • Jungle – Talon: Do not miss your chance to try Jungle Talon. It might not be in the meta very long but, if you liked playing him in mid, you’re going to like playing him in the jungle — with all the walls to vault over and unsuspecting enemies to gank.
  • Bot – Ziggs: Do you want to take down towers and safely kill minions with your skills, just as you did in mid lane? Ziggs is Ziggs everywhere; just know that you won’t have much lane dominance so it’s better to have a support that can roam while you safely continue minion slaughter.
  • Support – Galio: Playing Galio in Support is a bit different than playing the giant statue in mid lane, but you still provide the same teamfight changer ultimate and supportive frontline for your team. It is good with aggressive ADC’s like Draven, so you might wanna try him with a buddy.

From Bot to:

  • Top – Vayne: It might take some time to adjust to playing without a support, but top lane Vayne is considered to be the menace of League of Legends by many top laners. Definitely worth mastering if you want to demoralize your opponent for a full day.
  • Jungle – Twitch: As I said, this is a hard transition. You will be weak and vulnerable without a Lulu beside you, but you can make up for that with as long as you don’t get caught solo. Don’t worry, you will still pack that hard punch ADC Twitch has by the time lanes are done.
  • Mid – Lucian: This is one you see most often in pro games. Lucian is a good pick with its versatility that can even go to the top lane. If you want to start playing mid lane, Lucian is definitely the champion that will get you through the role change.
  • Support – Miss Fortune: A pick from the old days, Miss Fortune can still function as a damage-heavy support in the late game and it can help you with both range and poke advantage throughout the lane.

From Support to:

  • Top – Shen: Master of balance, Shen can be played in mirrored sides of the map all too well. Being able to affect anywhere on the map with your ultimate is very powerful for a support.
  • Jungle – Morgana: If you’re transferring from Support to Jungle, you will find out that, while the roles in the game are similar, the champion pools are not. Morgana is still your best bet when it comes to easing the transition, given that she has support in the jungle by Riot.
  • Mid – Lux: Convincingly clear-cut case, considering circumstances circa 2010, Lux was designed as a mid laner. If you’re used to playing her in support, you only have to get accustomed to the middle lane itself.
  • Bot – Senna: The face of multi-role champions, Senna was created as a champion that can play in both roles of the bottom lane. Her skillset is finely adjusted to make Support and ADC’s try the other side of the medallion and complement each other better.

Of course, if you want to commit to the role change, you will need to learn how to play champions that are out of your comfort zone. But, if all you want is to try different roles without needing to learn new champions, the table is happy to assist you — provided that Riot doesn’t change these champions to cut their multi-role perks.