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Call of Duty: Vanguard multiplayer was fully revealed earlier today by Sledgehammer Games. The developers went over a plethora of features coming to multiplayer, including perks, maps, the gunsmith and a new Hardpoint-type mode called Patrol.

Fans are interested to learn more about the mode before diving in during the Vanguard beta this weekend. This article will go into what the Patrol mode is and what fans expect from it when Vanguard launches on Nov. 5.

How Patrol works in Vanguard

The most basic explanation of Patrol is that it’s moving Hardpoint. There’s a single circular objective on the map, just like in traditional Hardpoint. However, instead of it changing to a new location every minute, it moves slowly around the map. Fans of Black Ops 3 will notice similarities to the Safeguard game mode. With the exception of Patrol, the objective moves regardless of whether any player is on it or not. Players must reach a score of 250 to win. Score is earned through players standing in the objective.

During the multiplayer reveal, the developers stated that the game mode feels different each time it’s played. The destructible environment of each multiplayer map opens up new lines of sight that might not have been there the last time the map was played. With the Patrol objective moving, players can create new lines of sight to surprise enemies who are on the objective.

In regard to Patrol’s competitive potential, it seems likely to at least be tried as a professional game mode. There hasn’t been mention of Control in Vanguard multiplayer, so it appears the third game mode in professional play is open. This could be where Patrol slides in, assuming the Call of Duty League thinks it’s a strong enough mode. As it stands right now, though, the league is at least thinking about it.

Patrol is playable in the Vanguard beta this weekend, so players can try it out for themselves.

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