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The group stage will reach its climax as Group D will finish their second half of the double round-robin Monday. With that said, fans are asking if Team Liquid make it out of groups? Can MAD Lions make it out of groups? How can Gen.G win their group? Will there be any tiebreakers? This article will go over how each team can advance to the knockout stage at Worlds 2021.


This group is a bit different from the other three groups as two teams are tied at the top with 2-1 records. Since there is no team that is 3-0, every team controls their own destiny. Gen.G will clinch the first seed in Group D with a 3-0 second round robin. If they go 2-1 they will also clinch a spot in the Worlds 2021 knockout stage. If one of those wins is against LNG Esports, they will lock up the first seed in that scenario too. Otherwise, they might have to play a tiebreaker for the first seed depending on LNG’s performance. Going 1-2 gives them a decent chance to at least play a tiebreaker game for the second and final spot in the knockout stage. Losing all three games eliminates them from Worlds 2021 completely.

LNG Esports

LNG is in a very similar spot as Gen.G. Since both teams are 2-1, if LNG goes undefeated in Week 2 they will lock up the first seed in Group D with a 5-1 record. They will also clinch a spot in the knockout stage with a 2-1 record no matter what. If one of those two wins is against Gen.G, they will force a tiebreaker game for the top seed depending on what Gen.G does.

In the result of both teams going 2-1, with LNG beating Gen.G, then the tiebreaker game will happen. If LNG goes 1-2, there is a decent chance they will play a tiebreaker game. There are even a couple of scenarios in which LNG advance outright as the No. 1 seed even with a 1-2 record. Those scenarios do rely on Gen.G collapsing, but crazier things have happened so far at Worlds 2021. Going 0-3, however, eliminates LNG from Worlds 2021.

Team Liquid

Even though they are 1-2, going 3-0 in the second round robin will move TL into the knockout stage. Depending on the results from the other teams, a 3-0 day would also give TL the first seed. Going 2-1 doesn’t guarantee them a spot, but there is a chance for the team to force a tiebreaker game. Going 1-2 and 0-3 on the day will eliminate them from Worlds 2021.

MAD Lions

MAD is in the same situation as Team Liquid. If they win their next three games, MAD will advance to the Worlds 2021 knockout stage. Going 2-1 gives them a great chance to at least force a tiebreaker game. If their only loss is to LNG, they have an alright shot at just advancing outright depending on the results from the other two teams. But if MAD goes 1-2 or 0-3, their Worlds 2021 will be over.

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