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As with most other RPGs, Cyberpunk 2077 doesn’t feature just one ending to its main story. While there is certainly an ending that more players will receive, CD Projekt Red didn’t limit the number of outcomes. Since this is common knowledge, many players are wondering just how many other endings they missed out on. Unfortunately, to receive another result, you’ll likely have to replay the entire story and make different decisions than you did the first time around. If you want every ending in Cyberpunk 2077 though, you might be replaying the game quite a bit.

What are the endings in Cyberpunk 2077?

For players worried about major spoilers, this article won’t contain any information pertaining to the actual endings. Instead, we’ll simply be listing off the possible outcomes so you know exactly how many there are.

In total, there are six endings in Cyberpunk 2077. There are three basic endings that are far more common for players to receive. These, like all of the others, are based around the decisions you make throughout the main story and during some side quests.

Cyberpunk 2077 endings
Image via CDPR

However, from these three basic outcomes, one is considered the most “straightforward.” Also considered the most common, this ending doesn’t require as many specific choices as the others.

Speaking of the others, the additional two basic endings are more based on specific choices. These involve romance options, dialogue with certain characters, and your overall attitude. From these two basic results, one has an outcome that follows the ending itself, which technically counts as two endings.

In addition to the three mentioned above, there’s one secret ending and one bonus ending that players can do with no added requirements. The latter stops the main story in its tracks and revolves around a conversation with Johnny Silverhand. Instead of making it to the end of the game, this ending simply cuts Cyberpunk 2077 short.

johnny silverhand cyberpunk 2077
Image via CDPR

In regards to the secret ending, players will want to keep a friendly relationship with Johnny. This means agreeing with what he says and taking his advice at all times. Doing so will trigger the secret ending that not many players have achieved so far.

That’s it for the endings — make sure to stay tuned to Daily Esports for more Cyberpunk 2077 guides and news.