How many chapters are there in Ghostwire: Tokyo?
Ghostwire: Tokyo chapters
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How many chapters are there in Ghostwire: Tokyo?

Your journey in Shibuya is dictated by several story chapters

Ghostwire: Tokyo has been released on both PlayStation 5 and Microsoft Windows as a timed exclusive. Fans so far seem to be enjoying the atmosphere that developer Tango Gameworks has created. The world of Shibuya, set in modern Tokyo, comes to life at every avenue and looks fantastic on modern hardware.

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The game’s length has been a topic of discussion among fans, however. While the game length has already been discerned, fans still wondering how many chapters they can expect to play through in Ghostwire: Tokyo.

The chapters in a main story helps determine exactly how long players are in a game. If there are 10 chapters and players are only on the third one, then they know they have several hours left. The game length for Ghostwire: Tokyo has been pegged at roughly 15-20 hours, but that can be skewed depending on what players do inside the game. For a more exact way of telling how close players are to beating Ghostwire: Tokyo, read below to find out how many chapters are included.

Ghostwire: Tokyo main story chapters

In total, there are six chapters in Ghostwire: Tokyo’s main story. However, these chapters contain several missions each. This means that just because you’re on chapter five, it doesn’t mean you’re one mission away from beating the game.

The chapters and their missions are viewable below.

Chapter 1: Beginnings

  • The Vanishing
  • City of Shadows

Chapter 2: Trouble

  • KK
  • Clearing the Fog
  • A Maze of Death
  • The Buried Life
  • The Caves of Steel

Chapter 3: Connection

  • Pillar of Light
  • Blindness
  • Agony

Chapter 4: Contortion

  • Giants
  • The Black Tower

Chapter 5: Severance

  • Family
  • Tokyo Tower

Chapter 6: Binding

  • Mari
  • Gate to the Underworld
  • Farewells

Players can expect anywhere from two to five missions within each chapter. The chapters simply mark a new part of the story starting in Ghostwire: Tokyo. Completing the missions associated with each chapter help players progress through the conflict occurring in the chapters.

With this knowledge, players now know exactly how far along they are at any point in Ghostwire: Tokyo.

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