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Group C teams will start and conclude the second half of their double round-robin Sunday. With that said, fans are asking can Fnatic can get out of groups? How does PSG Talon make it out of groups? Can Hanwha Life Esports make it out of groups? This article will go over how each team can advance to the knockout stage at Worlds 2021.

Royal Never Give Up

Just like in the two groups before, RNG being 3-0 is a good scenario for them. Even with an 0-3 day, RNG will still likely participate in at least a tiebreaker game for the second and final spot. If RNG can manage to just win one game, they will lock of their spot in the Worlds 2021 Knockout Stage. If they can go 2-1, they will at least force a tiebreaker for the first seed. Going 3-0 will lock up the first seed from Group C.

PSG Talon

After a 2-1 week, all PSG Talon has to do is go 2-1 again to lock up their spot in the Worlds 2021 Knockout Stage. If they manage to go 3-0, they will force a tiebreaker for the first seed against RNG. But going 1-2 gets a little risky for PSG. Going 1-2 while the teams below them go 2-1 or better will likely force a tiebreaker game or games for the second and final seed. Going winless won’t end their Worlds 2021 for sure but the Group A miracle would have to happen again for them to have a chance at advancing.

Hanhwa Life Esports

HLE would have to go 2-1, with a win against PSG, to have a chance to force a tiebreaker game. If they lose to PSG they are likely going home unless PSG lose their other two games and HLE wins their other two games. In that scenario, both PSG and HLE would be 3-3 which would trigger a tiebreaker game. If HLE goes 1-2, they would need the Group A scenario to play out again. Going 0-3 would eliminate them from Worlds 2021.


Fnatic simply needs history to repeat itself. At Worlds 2017, they were faced with this exact scenario. They went on to qualify after going 2-1 while the teams above them collapsed. In the tiebreaker games, they won both to end 4-1 on the day and advanced with a technical 2-4 record. For that scenario to take place again, Fnatic need wins against PSG and HLE and hope both teams lose out with HLE beating PSG in their match. If that happens, the three bottom teams will all be 2-4, which would trigger two tiebreaker games. If that happens, the two slowest teams when it comes to time of victory would play first with the winner playing the fastest team for the final spot in the Knockout Stage.

Fnatic hasn’t won a game so as long as their wins on Sunday are fast, they might only need to play one tiebreaker game. But that’s assuming the other things happen first. Even if they went 3-0, Fnatic doesn’t control their own destiny as they would need PSG to lose an additional game to force a tiebreaker. But, going 3-0 does give them a fighting chance at getting out.

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