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Renata Glasc is League of Legends’ 159th champion, and just like Zeri before her, she seems to have a lot to do with Riot Games’ recent hit Netflix show, “Arcane,” and many of the characters in it, like Sevika, Silco and Viktor.

Renata Glasc and Sevika

Renata’s closest resemblance is Sevika, Silco’s right-hand woman. Like Sevika, Renata Glasc has a mechanical arm that she modifies and enhances.

But let’s be honest — a lot of the chem barons have mechanical limbs. Just because Sevika and Renata both have one doesn’t mean anything on it’s own. And if you thought for a second they were the same character, it’s clear that Renata is not Sevika.

Renata did lose her arm in an attempt to save her parents from an attack, however, which does closely mirror Sevika. She lost her arm saving Silco during a fight with Vi and Vander.

Sevika from Arcane has a mechanical arm similar to Renata Glasc's
Sevika is clearly a different character from Renata, but they likely have some relationship with each other. | Provided by Riot Games/Netflix

Those mechanical arms are different, too. Whereas Sevika’s arm holds a hidden blade, Renata’s is more advanced. Glasc can send out various types of projectiles from her own mechanical limb and “mark her enemies” with it, allowing allies to deal more damage to them. Marking enemies to deal more damage seems like more of a game-specific trait, than one that would show up in the Arcane universe, but the difference is there.

Her lore hasn’t yet hinted at any direct relation to Sevika, but Renata grew up in the “Sump of Zaun” and was inspired by her family’s proficiency in alchemy. It’s not so farfetched to believe she may be related to Sevika in some way. Since she’s been developing chem-based technology for 30 years, it would make sense for her to be Sevika’s child, grandchild, niece or otherwise. That said, this is unlikely, especially since Renata doesn’t use shimmer.

However, with Silco’s death at the end of Arcane, Sevika would have been left in an undefined position of power with an incredibly unstable relationship with Piltover — especially after Jinx launched a Super Mega Death Rocket at the council tower.

sevika from arcane
Sevika would have been in a prime place to assist Renata, or to hinder her. | Provided by Riot Games/Netflix

Perhaps Sevika was able to use her position to begin a chemtech-based empire, which would put Renata in the perfect position to “improve life across Zaun and Piltover alike.” If anyone was in a position to work with the chem barons and citizens, as well as offer something to both cities, it would be Sevika and any descendants she may have had.

Renata Glasc and other Arcane members

One of Renata’s mantras is “Progress comes at a price others aren’t willing to pay,” which is almost a direct quote from Silco.  Throughout the entire first season, he spoke about what separates the strong from the average.

At the very start of the show, Silco convinces Deckard to drink shimmer by telling him, “Real power doesn’t come to those who were born strongest or fastest or smartest. No. It comes to those who will do anything to achieve it.”

But Renata is more complicated than that. She’s not just like Silco and Sevika, but their enemies too. Throughout the Arcane series, Jayce and Viktor were dead set on improving the lives of the people of Piltover with hextech as soon as possible. They fought Heimerdinger, who pushed back on their desire for immediate change, to get the job done.

Renata is similar, as she wants to change the lives of her clients immediately, and she fights anyone and everyone who gets in her way. She just happens to be a lot less gentle and a bit more hardheaded than Jayce and Viktor were in Arcane.

Speaking of the Arcane scientists, Renata is referred to as a “brilliant mind,” which is a specific phrase used in reference to Jayce and Heimerdinger in the show. It’s possible she has some relationship with Heimer, since he traveled to Zaun at the end of the season. Only time will tell.

renata glasc in a league game
Renata Glasc has a floating chemtech device with her in-game. | Provided by Riot Games

She also could possibly be connected to other League champions, like Singed and Urgot. Singed was also a scientist in the Sump of Zaun, and Urgot escaped a prison there called The Dredge. Once there, he ruled part of Zaun with similar tactics to Glasc’s own. Urgot hated the chem barons and sought to overthrow their rule in favor of anarchy.

Finally, in her release video, Renata Glasc was fighting with and against many League champions from Zaun, with the final shot showing a handful of dead champions surrounding her. Included among those she fought were Vi, Jayce, Heimerdinger, Seraphine, Ezreal, Janna, Orianna, Camille and Tahm Kench.

Throughout the video, she’s also seen fighting alongside Twitch, Dr. Mundo, Sivir, Samira and Ziggs, while fighting against those who died in that final shot, as well as Viktor, Zilean and Urgot. Jinx and Ekko didn’t make an appearance in her reveal, and neither did Zeri, Riot’s other recent champion. Zeri does, however, get in Renata’s way once, freeing a bunch of imprisoned workers from one of her factories.

Renata Glasc and other characters from Zaunite lore

There are plenty of other characters in the deep lore of League of Legends that aren’t champions. There are many in Piltover and Zaun that didn’t get explored in Arcane either. Since they’re already established but a bit more obscure, it’s also highly possible Renata Glasc has connections with those League-adjacent characters as well.

Three chem barons stand out in particular: Karvyq, known as the Silverhanded, Velveteen Lenare, and Wencher Spindlaw, who is already canonically involved with Renata.

Karvyq got his Silverhanded moniker after his hands were cut off and replaced by silver prostheses. Those prostheses could have been made by the Glasc’s, considering Renata also has a silver hand. Karvyq was also sophisticated with chemtech, so they could have an easy partnership, though it’s entirely possible they have no direct relationship.

renata's silver hand
Renata’s mechanized arm comes fit with a silver hand. | Provided by Riot Games

Velveteen Lenare, on the other (non-silver) hand, is a businesswoman much like Renata and also operates in Piltover, not just Zaun. Lenare was dying and had her head transplanted to another body, and also has mechanical arms.

No matter who she’s related to, though, only time will tell if this ambitious character will have an impact on League of Legends, whether in the lore or on Summoner’s Rift.

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