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According to reports, the next potential Houston Outlaws owner, Lee Zieben, is acquiring eUnited Sports Inc. eUnited most recently took home the CWL Championship this past month. Zieben is a real estate investor who wants to purchase both an OWL team as well as a CDL location for 2020. As he is attempting to buy the Outlaws, his ideal city for the CDL is also Houston.

While it isn’t a done deal as of yet, Zieben is rumored to be acquiring eUnited later this month. Once that deal goes through, eUnited will have enough capital to go after a CDL spot, which would be located in Houston. Chris Matthews of the HouBiz Journal was first to report on this development.

eUnited to be in the CDL after all?

Originally, it was thought that eUnited wouldn’t have the funds to secure a CDL spot. While the organization is growing in size, it is considered a smaller company compared to the giants currently in the CDL.

However, with this surprise turn of events, eUnited might receive a huge influx of cash very shortly from Lee Zieben. Zieben is currently trying to buy the Houston Outlaws, which must be sold soon thanks to Immortals’ buyout of OpTic.

Zieben, though, has his eyes set on the CDL along with the OWL. He made these plans known on Twitter back in July.


Zieben tried to contact a plethora of high-profile celebrities then, including Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos. While this might have seemed fruitless at the time, it has apparently worked in Zieben’s favor. However, it’s reported the investor still needs to raise more capital to purchase two Activision Blizzard-based league spots.

Still, as stated earlier, neither of these deals are official as of yet. The sale of the Outlaws will cost around $40 million, and the current rate for a CDL spot is around $25 million. There is no word on what the purchase of eUnited will cost in addition to these two league spots.

Houston CDL
The Outlaws will be sold by Immortals within the coming months

At the moment, it appears that the CDL will be expanding to a total of 10 teams. Of course, things can still go awry. The deal between Zieben and eUnited could fall apart. Even if it does, though, we wouldn’t rule out Houston as a potential 2020 CDL location.

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