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First announced back in January as part of the rewards of the Honor system in League of Legends, the two exclusive reward skins will now have access to chromas. These new chromas will be part of the reward system in the seasons to come. Each season will see a new chroma for Medieval Twitch and Grey Warwick.

Honor 5 capsules

The skins and the chromas of Medieval Twitch and Grey Warwick can, as of now, only be obtained through the 2019 Honor 5 capsules. These capsules will contain an honor 5 token, which can be redeemed for either of the skins or the chromas if you already own the skin you want to unlock the chroma for. Additionally, the capsules will include a random permanent emote or ward skin for you to use as an extra reward for staying positive.

For those of you that already received your Honor 5 capsule for the season and owned both of the Honor reward skins at the time will be sent an Honor 5 token with the release of patch 9.16. Patch 9.16 is expected to go live on Aug 14.

Honor 5 chromas Medievel Twitch League of Legends

A brief history lesson

The history of Grey Warwick and Medieval Twitch is actually quite interesting. The reward skins used to be rarely seen in-game, though they have become more common recently. Medieval Twitch and Grey Warwick were originally released back in 2010, as a reward of the friend referral system. Medieval Twitch and Grey Warwick were designed by the players Grez and Greyrir Wolfwood back in 2009. They were chosen to help design these skins as a reward for being the first to reach 350 friend referrals. However, these skins could not be earned after 2015 when the referral system was retired. That was — until the release of the honor system back in 2017, where Grey Warwick and Medieval Twitch were first made obtainable again.

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