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Two veteran characters are returning to the roster of Dead or Alive 6 as per the character reveal trailer below from Gamescom 2018, officially starting tomorrow in Germany. Check out the Hitomi and Lei Fang reveal trailer below:

Per Tecmo Koei’s official press release: “Leifang, known as the T’ai Chi Ch’uan Genius, is the master of using her opponent’s power against them, countering assaults thanks to her flawless Sabaki and Inashi parries. She employs a variety of effective holds to gracefully counter enemy attacks, all the while hoping to prove her strength and capabilities as she pushes forward through the DOA Tournament.”

Joining Leifang is “The Fist of Innocence,” Hitomi. “The 20-year-old of mixed German and Japanese descent is a well-balanced karate expert; utilizing speed, power, and a long reach to take down opponents thanks to a straight punch that is equally beautiful and terrifying. Hitomi specializes in using techniques that combine both offensive and defensive elements in one smooth strike,” according to Team Ninja.

Also shown off in the trailer is a new stage taking place on a sunken pirate ship called Forbidden Fortune. “The dynamic level features the ruins of an old pirate ship, with shattered bones scattered across the top deck, and mountains of gold found below as combatants smash through to the hull to find not only the hidden treasure, but a slew of hidden traps – not to mention, a giant Kraken guarding the stolen loot. As the Kraken becomes enraged, the ships rocks and shudders, and as the damage spreads to the armory, sparks begin to fly, including gunpowder that catches fire, shooting violent flames over the scene of the fight.”

It is funny to note that a few chords in the stage’s theme music are very reminiscent of the Pirates of the Caribbean films. I would make a joke about Jack Sparrow being a secret guest character but, considering some game reveals lately, I wouldn’t put it past them. What a time we live in, huh?

Once again, I have to point out how much I love the direction the design of the characters are going, being less sleazy and way cooler. Hitomi looks way better in her Gi than she ever did in that goofy quasi-lingerie getup from previous games.

Dead or Alive 6 is slated for release in “early 2019” for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam, and you can find more information here.