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The day that Call of Duty: Warzone fans have been waiting for is finally here. Raven Software, the developers behind the battle royale, announced “the time has come” and released a huge weapon balancing update. Included in the update are nerfs to some of the game’s most overpowered weapons. This includes the MAC-10, Type 63, dual pistols, and, of course, the DMR 14. While Warzone fans were undoubtedly excited to download the patch and see what changed, the hype quickly died down. It turns out that Raven Software seemingly buffed the DMR 14 in some areas and didn’t address its biggest strength.

New Warzone update leaves much to be desired

The 30 GB update went live for all systems earlier today. As is the running joke with Call of Duty updates, 30 GB is quite large for a weapon tuning patch, but fans were more than happy to accommodate the developers if it meant a nerf to the DMR.

Once players began hopping into the game though, the happiness quickly turned sour. Players immediately noticed that the DMR hadn’t really changed at all. Its recoil is still solid, the ability to two-tap enemies from any distance is still present, and it’s overall just as strong as before.

Every Warzone fan was perplexed as to how this happened. The official patch notes from Raven, which you can see below, explicitly stated the DMR’s recoil was increased.

However, clips are surfacing online that suggest otherwise. While the recoil may have slightly been nerfed, it’s hardly noticeable. Also, the damage range for the DMR, which was the main problem in the first place, was not touched in this Warzone update.

Overall, the update was subpar in most fans’ minds. No other weapons besides the ones mentioned above were tuned whatsoever. While the MAC-10 and dual pistols did receive a slight nerf, the game’s biggest issue, the DMR, is still as strong as ever.

What do you think of the patch? Let us know, and stay tuned to Daily Esports for all Call of Duty news.