Here's what's happening with Twitch streamer JasonR

Here’s what’s happening with Twitch streamer JasonR

Drama on Twitch

Jason “JasonR” Ruchelski, a Twitch streamer and former professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player, is being accused of purposefully muting and altogether avoiding women in VALORANT lobbies.

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“Not only does JasonR mute women he gets on his team if they don’t talk in agent select, he’ll do the honors of dodging games or pretending his internet goes out to simply not queue with women,” wrote Shopify Rebellion player Vannesa panini Emory in a tweet.

JasonR under fire for his Twitch streams

Other VALORANT players have added to the conversation. Cloud9 White player Annie Annie Roberts added that more than 50 women have experienced this sort of treatment from JasonR in a tweet Wednesday.

“If you are arguing “its his right to mute/dodge/throw womens games” thats pretty rough, but regardless can you not see him lying about all of this? manipulating people by playing victim and laughing about dodging “bitches,” she wrote. “His game and internet isn’t crashing randomly.”

JasonR has said that his internet has gone out at times when he’s left certain matches. He went on to mock the accusations on his Twitch stream before saying that he does not disrespect women.

“How do I disrespect women? I don’t talk to them,” JasonR said on stream on Wednesday. “I didn’t know that not interacting with them is not respecting them. Is this some new s*** that you p*****s cry about? I do not support misogyny. I do not support sexism.”

JasonR, who was streaming to more than 3,500 people, downplayed the accusations on stream. Others have said that this is just a symptom of a larger problem within VALORANT and gaming. It’s common for women to face all sorts of harassment in public lobbies. That was part of the reason why Riot Games started the Game Changers program.

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