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Fortnite Chapter 3 is here and it’s infused the colorful battle royale with a little bit of Call of Duty. Epic Games has added slide cancelling, an assault rifle with ADS and other new mechanics to Fortnite alongside the launch of Chapter 3.

The new chapter brings an updated physics engine, an entirely new map and deeper in-game systems. There is so much for players to explore and uncover; we’re only getting started in finding out what’s possible with some of these new mechanics.

Sliding and slide cancelling in Fortnite

Sliding and slide cancelling has been a huge part of the first person shooter genre. It defines Call of Duty with players like Anthony “Shotzzy” Cuevas-Castro cancelling their slide mid-coast to set up a shot or dodge incoming fire. Fortnite, thanks to the MK Seven AR, feels a lot like Call of Duty now. The new assault rifle lets players aim down sights. Couple that with a clutch slide cancel and you’ve got a recipe for some great first-person action.

Fortnite slide cancelling
Sliding is done by holding the crouch button while running. You can adjust how long you need to hold the crouch button before sliding in the settings menu | Provided by u/EpicElskamp

Players from multiple games are putting together new strategies with slick slides. We’ve pinpointed a handful of them to help get you some Victory Royales at the start of Fortnite Chapter 3.

Slide and build, baby

Slide cancelling gives players another way to move in close range fire fights. We’ve already seen some players slide right through tiny windows and doors before landing a shot with the new Striker Pump Shotgun. You can actually slide and build at the same time. It’s also a great way to move down ramps quickly.

Sliding is a huge new skill gap imo & will taking phasing exploits/building through walls to a new level from FortniteCompetitive

Slide and ghost ride

Cars are already a big part of Fortnite and the new sliding mechanic pairs nicely with the fastest car on the map, the Whiplash. You can get out of the car, slide, pop off a shot and then hop back in all in a few seconds. It’s a move that’ll make for a deadly hit-and-run if pulled off correctly. This is a maneuver that can be practiced easily by hopping into Fortnite Creative.

Slide Strat: Exit a 60mph car, shoot, get back in. from FortniteCompetitive

Glide and slide

Sliding works with momentum. The faster you run into the slide the faster you’ll go once you’re on the ground. You can slide immediately after landing on the ground. This makes for the perfect ambush move. You can glide over an unsuspecting enemy and slide for a headshot right behind them. It also makes for a wonderful escape plan.

If you hold crouch while gliding you can go much further than a bunnyhop or a normal slide as the momentum carries over from the glide. from FortniteCompetitive

Sliding and other new mechanics from Chapter 3 are available in Creative.  Some Fortnite Creative users have already built maps where you can practice sliding and slide cancelling over and over again.

Top Fortnite slide training Creative maps

  • Booming Sands – Code: 7909-3300-2163

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