HearthPwn is shutting down at the end of June

The community-operated Hearthstone institution will soon close its doors.

Hearthstone's Icon Alexander Lee · 28 May 2019


Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Popular Hearthstone fan website HearthPwn is ceasing operations on June 28, according to an announcement post on the site earlier today.

“Although our doors may be closing, we’re going to keep the windows open,” wrote HearthPwn community manager Robert “Fluxflashor” Veitch. “The history of our site, all the posts, decks, and other content we all have created over the years will be archived and still viewable to those who want to see it.” However, the ability to create new content will be disabled, and the site’s news section will no longer be updated following its closure.

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As one of several gaming sites under the Curse Network umbrella, HearthPwn was a hub of the online Hearthstone community since its founding in early 2013. Despite a few missteps, such as Fluxflashor’s involvement in a Reddit astroturfing scandal in 2014, the site has persisted throughout Hearthstone’s development, growing as the game moved from its initial closed beta to its position as a burgeoning esport. Many longtime HearthPwn users expressed their sadness over the announcement, with tributes pouring in both on Twitter and on the site itself.

Following the closure of HearthPwn, Hearthstone’s online community will still be able to discuss the game on Out Of Cards, a new fan site created outside the Curse Network by Fluxflashor and the HearthPwn team. Originally known as HearthStation, the site announced a rebrand following today’s announcement. Instead of relying on Curse for funding, Out Of Cards will be entirely community-funded, soliciting donations via Patreon and Twitch.

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