Hearthstone’s Rise of Shadows targets Dalaran for a heist

Hearthstone's new adventure add-on includes specialized decks, henchman abilities, and more.

Hearthstone's Icon Michael Hassall · 13 May 2019


Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Hearthstone is getting five brand new solo missions, as Blizzard continue to expand on their Rise of Shadows add-on.

The missions form part of a new adventure campaign, titled the Dalaran Heist. The story follows the League of E.V.I.L., a villainous organization at the center of Rise of Shadow’s narrative, as they embark on a dramatic caper to rob the entire city of Dalaran.

The Dalaran Heist will be closer to Hearthstone's previously discontinued 'Adventures' line of solo content. There's a more extensive array of game elements added, which change within each chapter, while more focus is given to story and context.

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A substantial part of the detail in the new missions will be familiar to long-time WoW fans. The Violet Hold dungeon, the Underbelly, Dalaran Inn, and other locations from the floating city act as battlegrounds for matches, while your opponents belong to city-specific factions such as the Sunreavers and Silver Covenant.

What's more, the solo missions give you the chance to choose between nine henchmen of the League of E.V.I.L. to take the place of your hero, with a range of powers which you can modify as you play.

Overall the Dalaran Heist looks to capture the feeling of a band of misfits trying to use any dirty trick they can to get away with the big score. And it does this by putting by stacking the deck against you in each mission, with its array of changing rules and effects. Then it's up to you to use your unique abilities to win.

Full details of the new solo missions are to be revealed on May 14 and 15, as Blizzard shows off Hearthstone's latest update during the two-day "Showdown in Dalaran" event. The first of the missions will be unlocked for free on May 16, with the remaining four available for 700 gold or USD 6.99 each.

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