Hearthstone's new expansion brings all-new Magic-inspired mechanics

Hearthstone's Icon Alexander Lee · 14 Mar 2019


Image via Blizzard Entertainment

In a trailer released earlier today, Blizzard has revealed the newest Hearthstone expansion: Rise of Shadows. The expansion has a decidedly nefarious theme, centering on the narrative premise of a league of Hearthstone villains led by the evil mastermind Rafaam.

“Make no mistake, this will be one of our darkest expansions,” says Hearthstone designer Dave Kosak in the trailer.

The first expansion of 2019, Rise of Shadows features interesting new mechanics and card types. “Lackeys” are 1/1 token minions generated through other cards—a mechanic borrowed from Hearthstone predecessor Magic: The Gathering—and “Schemes” are cards that gain power by sitting in a player’s hand. The most notable new mechanic is “Twinspell,” which allows a card to duplicate itself in a player’s hand (without the Twinspell mechanic) after it is initially cast.

The trailer included details about eight new cards to be included in the expansion, including the enticing Forbidden Words, which allows players to destroy a minion with up to 10 Attack by sacrificing all of their Mana. Other new cards include Kalecgos, Chef Nomi, Arch-Villain Rafaam, The Forest’s Aid, EVIL Miscreant, Spellward Jeweler, and Hagatha’s Scheme. You can keep track of all of the 135 new cards in Rise of Shadows on the expansion's website.

Rise of Shadows will be released on April 9 and will be available for purchase as either a standard or mega bundle.

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