Hearthstone patch notes reveal Leeroy Jenkins in Mercenaries, Battlegrounds updates and more
Newest Hearthstone patch reveals Leeroy Jenkins in Mercenaries, Battlegrounds updates and more
Newest Hearthstone patch reveals Leeroy Jenkins in Mercenaries, Battlegrounds updates and more | Provided by Blizzard Entertainment

Hearthstone patch notes reveal Leeroy Jenkins in Mercenaries, Battlegrounds updates and more

These patch notes arrived alongside the Voyage to the Sunken City expansion announcement

Hearthstone revealed its patch 22.6 notes on Thursday, featuring Leeroy Jenkins in Mercenaries, Battlegrounds updates, balance changes and more. The latest Hearthstone patch notes arrived alongside the Voyage to the Sunken City announcement.

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Leeroy Jenkins charges into Hearthstone Mercenaries

On March 22, players can participate in a special event within Hearthstone Mercenaries. The event involves 10 tasks featuring Leeroy Jenkins himself and the Black Dragonflight.

For the first five days of the Leeroy Jenkins Mercenaries event, players can get up to two event tasks each day. Players have until April 5 to finish all 10 tasks in order to receive a golden Leeroy Jenkins portrait, a diamond Leeroy Jenkins portrait, over 750 Mercenary Coins and the Leeroy Jenkins Legendary Hearthstone Mercenaries card.

Save for Leeroy Jenkins, players can now get the new Vanndar Stormpike, Drek’Thar, Deathwing, Onyxia, Nefarion and Kazakus, the Golem Shaper mercenaries through the typical methods.

For those who enjoy completing boundaries, six of them are within the Onyxia’s Lair zone. These include Smolderwing, Dragonbone Golem, SI:7 Smuggler, Onyxia, Undead Onyxia and Mi’da Pure Void. It should be noted that Mi’da Pure Void will be unlocked following the Leeroy Jenkins event.

As for general Hearthstone Mercenaries updates, players can now have different portrait and equipment loadouts for their parties using the same character. These loadouts can no longer be changed in the middle of a bounty.

When a player gets offered a bounty treasure for a character who already has a treasure, then the player will be offered to upgrade their current treasure. Meanwhile, Chi-Ji can be obtained via the typical ways of acquiring a mercenary.

Hearthstone patch notes feature Ambassador Faelin in Hearthstone Battlegrounds
Ambassador Faelin in Hearthstone Battlegrounds. | Provided by Blizzard Entertainment

Hearthstone Battlegrounds armor system and updates

The armor system in Hearthstone Battlegrounds has returned, and patch 22.6 features several armor ranges and placements.

“Just like before, we will continue to monitor gameplay after the system goes live and might end up making adjustments in future updates,” according to the patch notes.

Meanwhile, Ambassador Faelin is a new hero in Hearthstone Battlegrounds, and he hails from the upcoming Voyage to the Sunken City expansion. Those who have Battlegrounds perks get early access to Ambassador Faelin before his formal release date of March 31. Ambassador Faelin’s Buddy is Submersible Chef.

Submersible Chef in Hearthstone Battlegrounds
Submersible Chef in Hearthstone Battlegrounds. | Provided by Blizzard Entertainment

As for Shudderwock, Snicker-snack now costs one instead of two. This hero power adds a 1/1 Shudderling to a player’s hand that repeats all of the played battlecries.

The minions in Hearthstone Battlegrounds are Swampstriker, Tad, Baby Krush and Friend of a Friend. Updated minions include Acolyte of C’Thun, Reanimating Rattler, Strongshell Scavenger, Mythrax the Unraveler and Nosy Looter. Additionally, Murloc Tidehunter, Old Murk-Eye and Maexxna are no longer in the minion pool.

Hearthstone patch notes feature Book of Mercenaries Dawngrasp
Book of Mercenaries Dawngrasp artwork. | Provided by Blizzard Entertainment

New portraits and more in the latest Hearthstone patch

At the launch of Hearthstone patch 22.6, players can complete a legendary quest chain to receive skins for some of their favorite characters. Finishing up the five-party quest chain grants players a Brann Battlegrounds skin, a golden Vanndar legendary portrait for Hearthstone Mercenaries and three Tavish Hunter skins.

Additionally, the final chapter in Book of Mercenaries Varden Dawngrasp can be played and completed to earn one Mage card pack.

Hearthstone patch 22.6 delay for mobile

For Hearthstone mobile players, Blizzard released a statement about the technical issues in patch 22.6. “We’ve fixed the issue and resubmitted the patch to the mobile storefronts, but it can take some time for those storefronts to update. We expect the 22.6 patch to become available over the next few days, as those storefronts update,” a community manager explained in the Blizzard forums.

Until the Hearthstone mobile patch is available, players who update to 22.6 on desktop cannot play the game on their mobile device.

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