Hearthstone patch 22.4 features Mini-Set, Battlegrounds, Mercenaries, Duels and Arena updates
Hearthstone patch 22.4 is bringing several updates to the game
Hearthstone patch 22.4 is bringing several updates to the game | Provided by Blizzard Entertainment

Hearthstone patch 22.4 features Mini-Set, Battlegrounds, Mercenaries, Duels and Arena updates

The patch will launch on Feb. 15

On Thursday, Blizzard revealed that Hearthstone patch 22.4 will feature a new Mini-Set alongside updates to Battlegrounds, Mercenaries, Duels and Arena.

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Onyxia’s Lair Mini-Set

The Onyxia’s Lair Mini-Set will launch on Feb. 15 alongside Hearthstone patch 22.4. Players will be able to purchase the Mini-Set for either 2,000 gold or $14.99. An all-golden version of this set will also be available for $69.99.

There will be 66 cards in total, and card reveals will happen over the next few days.

Onyxia’s Lair Mini-Set will include:

  • 4 Legendary Cards (x1)
  • 1 Epic Card (x2)
  • 14 Rare Cards (x2)
  • 16 Common Cards (x2)

New heroes in Hearthstone Battlegrounds

Hearthstone Battlegrounds will receive new heroes next month. They will include Varden Dawngrasp, Rokara and Onyxia.

“Players with Battlegrounds Perks will have early access to the three new Heroes before they are formally released on March 1,” the announcement said.

Onyxia in Hearthstone Battlegrounds
Onyxia in Hearthstone Battlegrounds. | Provided by Blizzard Entertainment

As for the hero pool, characters Kael’thas, Silas Darkmoon and Chenvaala will return. Meanwhile, the new Battlegrounds Buddies will be Varden’s Aquarrior, Icesnarl the Mighty and Many Whelps. These Buddies belong to Varden Dawngrasp, Rokara and Onyxia respectively.

Snow Elemental, which belongs to Chenvaala, will change from Tavern Tier 2 to Tavern Tier 3.

Introducing Battlegrounds Finishers

Players who are into in-game flair will be pleased to have new Battlegrounds Finishers. These are animations that will replace default the attack ones when a player claims victory in a round of combat. More of these Battlegrounds Finishers will appear in the future, Blizzard noted.

There will also be two new boards in Hearthstone Battlegrounds. The Jade Gardens Battlegrounds Board will be available on Feb. 15. The Cosmic Study Battlegrounds Board and Astral Impact Finisher will be available beginning Feb. 22.

Chi-Ji artwork
Chi-Ji artwork. | Provided by Blizzard Entertainment

Hearthstone Mercenaries Chi-Ji event

Feb. 22 will also debut a new and limited time Hearthstone Mercenaries event. Players can participate in a chain of event tasks. There will be two new tasks on each of the first five days of the event. Players will have until March 8 to complete all of them.

The completion of these tasks will reward players with a Chi-Ji mercenary portrait, the Chi-Ji epic mercenary card and over 1,000 mercenary coins.

Chi-Ji in Hearthstone Mercenaries
Chi-Ji in Hearthstone Mercenaries. | Provided by Blizzard Entertainment

New characters in Hearthstone Mercenaries, will include the following:

  • Long’xin (Legendary Caster), Dragon
  • Xuen (Epic Fighter), Beast
  • Niuzao (Rare Protector), Beast
  • Yu’lon (Rare Protector), Dragon
  • Chi-Ji (Epic Caster), Beast

Long’xin, Xuen, Niuzao, and Yu’lon will be available starting on Feb. 15. Chi-Ji can be earned through the event until it’s made available through the typical ways of getting a mercenary.

Long’xin in Hearthstone Mercenaries Hearthstone patch 22.4
Long’xin in Hearthstone Mercenaries. | Provided by Blizzard Entertainment

Moreover, six new bounties will be included in the Alterac Valley Zone on Feb. 15:

  • Rotimer
  • Ichman
  • Balinda Stonehearth
  • Ivus
  • Vanndar Stormpike
  • Kazakus

The Vanndar Stormpike and Kazakus Bounties will be added after the Chi-Ji event ends.

Book of Mercenaries Bru’kan Hearthstone patch 22.4
Book of Mercenaries Bru’kan. | Provided by Blizzard Entertainment

More Hearthstone patch 22.4 updates

Meanwhile, the Duels game mode will consist of an update to Infinite Arcane. The mana cost of it will increase from five to seven.

Hearthstone players who are into Arena will have the following sets in their card pools:

  • Fractured in Alterac Valley
  • Fractured in Alterac Valley Onyxia’s Lair Mini-Set
  • One Night in Karazhan
  • Blackrock Mountain
  • Journey to Un’goro
  • Mean Streets of Gadgetzan
  • Descent of Dragons
  • Core

Additionally, Book of Mercenaries Bru’kan will launch on Feb. 15. Defeating all the bosses will reward players with a Shaman card pack.

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