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In a historic moment, Xiaomeng “VKLiooon” Li has won the Hearthstone Grandmasters Global Finals at BlizzCon 2019 as its first woman champion, defeating Brian “bloodyface” Eason. VKLiooon’s win was significant for women who compete in the Hearthstone esports scene. In her post-game interview, she thanked the players who practiced with her, as well as those who supported her journey.

VKLiooon then shared a story. She said that about two years ago, she was waiting in line to compete in a tournament. A player who was also at the event told her she shouldn’t compete because she’s a girl. VKLiooon then said that for all the girls out there who want to get into Hearthstone esports, they should disregard their gender and just go for it.

VKLiooon vs. bloodyface

Leading up to her big Hearthstone Global Finals win, VK had to overcome bloodyface in the grand finals. In the first game, her Evolve Shaman faced Quest Druid. After putting Desert Hare on the board, he cast Evolve to gain an advantage. On her turn 5, she used her second Evolve and pushed her board’s potential with Soul of the Murloc. In response, bloodyface used Nourish but was unable to find an answer. VKLiooon won the first game.

In game two, VKLiooon played Malygos Druid against bloodyface’s Quest Shaman. Both players completed their quests in the intense match. On bloodyface’s turn nine, he generated as much pressure as he could against his opponent’s 10 mana.

Several turns later, however, bloodyface’s hand only had Evolve alongside Mind Control Tech on his side of the board. VKLiooon respected the board and took care of the minion. On bloodyface’s next turn, he used Evolve on the minion he drew; however, its evolution into Grommash Hellscream was not enough to save him against VKLiooon.

The third game featured bloodyface’s Quest Druid against Highlander Hunter. On VKLiooon’s turn two, she played Zephrys the Great to get Animal Companion. With her consecutive and on-curve plays, she put a lot of pressure on the board.

As a response, bloodyface used Swipe for board control. However, he had to worry about VKLiooon’s Hunter secrets, which were Snipe and Pressure Plate. On his turn six, he played Ferocious Howl and Wrath to find an answer.

It was in vain, however, as on VKLiooon’s turn six, she played Siamat and gave him Divine Shield and Windfury. Bloodyface needed a miracle to happen, but after searching for an answer one last time, none was found. VKLiooon won the game and the whole tournament.

VKLiooon is now a part of Hearthstone esports history, creating a magical moment at BlizzCon 2019.

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